KDE Advances in Most Areas

By Jason Brooks  |  Posted 2001-12-17

Release 2.2.2 of KDE brings Linux and the other Unix-family operating systems another step closer to parity with Windows and Mac OS in the desktop space.

The update, available for free at www.kde.org, comprises primarily performance and security upgrades, many of which benefit KDEs all-purpose file manager and Web browser, Konqueror.

Most striking in this release, however, is how poor the mechanism for updating KDE continues to be. Whereas users of the GNOME desktop can turn to Ximians excellent and pretty much foolproof installer application for GNOME updates, KDE users must download a truckload of packages before installing them in some particular but generally unclear order.

Ive yet to conduct an update of my KDE system without forcing its package installer application to ignore dependencies. The people at KDE do too good a job of coming up with updates and improvements to leave KDE without an effective installation tool.

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