Fast Breaks Newsfront: October 22, 2001

By eweek  |  Posted 2001-10-22

Suit Grows

InterTrust Technologies, a maker of digital rights management software, expanded its patent infringement lawsuit against Microsoft, alleging that Microsofts .Net infringes on seven InterTrust patents and at least 50 InterTrust patent claims. Microsoft has countersued InterTrust, claiming InterTrust violates two of Microsofts patents.

Sprint Slows

Sprint will stop adding customers to its fixed broadband wireless network. The leader in Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service had already halted the build-out of new markets while it examines second-generation gear.

SBC May Pay

SBC Communications faces $2.52 million in fines for providing false information to Federal Communications Commission investigators who were considering whether to let the regional Bell begin selling long-distance in its region. Separately, Prodigy Communications largest shareholders have approved SBCs $6.60-per-share offer for the 58 percent of the ISP that it doesnt already own.

Concert Over

AT&T and British Telecommunications agreed to dissolve their Concert joint venture, a decision that will result in the loss of 2,300 jobs and $7 billion in write-offs, about $5.3 billion of which will land on AT&Ts books.

EToys Replay

EToys is back in business as a subsidiary of KB Toys, but with its own Web site. EToys went dark in March, after the once- high-flying retailer filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Rocket Fuel