Gordano Adds Instant Messaging

By Dennis Callaghan  |  Posted 2002-11-06
Just a day after America Online Inc. entered the corporate instant messaging space, Gordano Ltd., best known for low-cost e-mail software, joined the IM fray as well, announcing the addition of GMS Instant Messaging to its Gordano Messaging Suite.

The browser-based IM product, written in Java, is tightly integrated with the rest of Gordanos messaging suite, allowing users to send messages to anyone in their e-mail address books.

It has other common IM features such as contact lists, support for multiple-user conversations, presence detection, user blocking and logging of IM messages. Users can request an e-mail receipt of their IM message transcripts when sessions are complete.

GMS Instant Messaging also supports open APIs for integration into enterprise business applications, Gordano officials in New York said.

The Web-based product can be accessed remotely and is fully secure, utilizing the same security as the rest of the suite, officials said.

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