Integrating Network Access

By eweek  |  Posted 2002-01-21

Can your service provider expand your data connectivity and voice lines when you need it? If not, you may want to look into an upgraded integrated access device for carriers built with the connectivity needs of small and midsize offices in mind.

Integral Access Inc., in Chelmsford, Mass., upgraded its PurePacketOutburst-SB integrated access device, which helps carriers provide high-speed data services and increase voice lines to enterprise users as needed. The device links three T-1 access lines, effectively turning them into an integrated 4.5M-bps connection. Carriers can triple network access bandwidth and double voice-line capacity to a customer site upon request.

The latest version of the device enables carriers to provide a customer location with up to 4.5M bps of network access bandwidth and support for 48 simultaneous voice calls using one customer premises unit. The new 3xT1 module for the PurePacketOutburst-SB is available at a base price of less than $1,900. The upgraded module for existing PurePacketOutburst-SB units is less than $1,400.

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