Nemx Puts Spammers on Reverse Blacklist

By Cameron Sturdevant  |  Posted 2002-09-30

Anti-spam products are getting more aggressive, and Microsoft Exchange administrators who have a stubborn e-mail problem might want to look at Powertools for Exchange from Nemx Software.

Nemxs product is scheduled to be shipped in October and uses RBL (reverse blacklist) databases and internal rules that evaluate header and content information to scrub spam out of users in-boxes.

In tests, I used the product to filter e-mail based on the senders IP address, although I could have used multiple RBLs to keep out unwanted mail.

After the message was identified as spam, I could do a lot to it—unwanted messages can be deleted, routed to someone else or held for evaluation, among several options.

Another nice thing is that the product, which is integrated directly into Microsofts Exchange Server, can add text to the message, so the recipient is advised that the message was judged to be spam. In addition, the message can be tagged so the Outlook mail client can process the message based on individual mailbox rules.

Powertools for Exchange works only with Exchange. It costs $795 per mail connector. More information is available at

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