Put Qurb on Annoying Mail

By Debra Donston  |  Posted 2003-03-10

With its first-ever product, Qurb takes a white-list approach to curbing spam.

The software, also called Qurb, creates and maintains a list of approved senders by scanning users Microsoft Outlook folders. Senders who dont make the cut are relegated to the Qurb folder, which is created when the application is installed.

It took Qurb about 1 minute to create an approved list of senders after scanning my Outlook in-box folders, which contained about 700 messages. Qurb created 1,176 approved senders. (It includes those ccd on approved senders mail.)

A tool bar added during installation made it easy to add approved senders and subtract unapproved ones. I could also quickly Ctrl-click through the Qurb and in-box folders to batch-approve or batch-block senders.

Qurb let me mark all quarantined messages as "read" so that I wouldnt be bothered by e-mail notifications when new mail went into the Qurb folder. Qurb can remind users to check the Qurb folder, and users can also activate a challenge/response feature.

A free evaluation copy can be downloaded at www.qurb.com; a one-time software license costs $24.95. Versions of Qurb for Outlook Express and Exchange are in the works.

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