Smoother Path to Content Creation

By Jim Rapoza  |  Posted 2002-08-19

For many corporate Web sites, especially departmental intranet sites, regular users with no HTML training need to update and create content.

Since a full content management system is often overkill for these types of sites, many businesses turn to WYSIWYG development tools such as Microsoft FrontPage. But these tools need to be deployed to each client and offer no centralized management.

Providing a solution between full clients and content management systems are in-page editing controls, which give users a Word-like interface for creating and editing content while letting administrators control deployment and access control options.

ActiveSquare 4 Management Edition, from Namo Interactive, let me deploy an easy-to-use WYSIWYG control into pages on my site. When users with proper access went to the page, the client deployed, offering the users a friendly interface for creating rich HTML content without needing to know any HTML.

While ActiveSquare 4 Management Edition proved capable in my tests, it is well behind the leader in this category, Ektrons eWebEditPro, in many areas.

For example, while eWebEditPro works in both Netscape and Internet Explorer, ActiveSquare, which runs as an ActiveX control, works only in IE. Also, ActiveSquare has no support for XML.

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