ActionEngine Keeps Connections

By Jason Brooks  |  Posted 2003-01-27

No matter how sleek and shiny a mobile computing device may be, its the applications that separate the sought-after productivity boosters from the desk-drawer cobweb collectors.

And increasingly, effective mobile applications require wireless. Even as portable memory cards stretch their storage capacities ever upward, theyll never approach the Internets wealth of data.

Recently, Ive been testing ActionEngine, a mobile client/server pair that helps tackle one of the toughest challenges of mobile wireless operations—that of often slow and unreliable connectivity. It does this by locating as much of the application as possible on the client and synchronizing data in short bits of wireless communication.

I was able to browse for news, weather and driving directions, as well as shop for airline tickets and locate places to eat, using ActionEngines well-designed Pocket PC device interface.

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