And the Winner Is ...

By eweek  |  Posted 2001-05-14

All of the above. Each of them has its own place, and each of them can make you money.

Ricochet has been popular with its users for years and its technology works well, but its business case is enough to give any reseller pause. OmniSky is slow but reliable, and has a broader reach than the other three roaming technologies. Unfortunately, its main use is as an e-mail enabler. And, despite its smaller coverage range, the BlackBerry is taking the remote e-mail market by storm.

The surest bets are 802.11b and the BlackBerry. Theyve got momentum, their technologies are clean, and they both answer existing wireless problems rather than potential wireless dreams like PDA Web browsing. Real wireless products and services for your customers real wireless needs.

We think thats a winning combination.

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