Fast Facts Matrix: May 21, 2001

By eweek  |  Posted 2001-05-21

Browser in Hand

Handspring, maker of handheld computers that run the Palm OS, last week said it struck a deal with Microsoft to make MSN Mobile the start page for Handsprings Blazer Web browser. Google provides Blazers search feature. Handspring will bundle Blazer with its VisorPhone combination handheld and mobile phone, and will sell the browser to users of other Palm-based handhelds.

Sony Heads Off Xbox

Sony Computer Entertainment is teaming up with AOL Time Warner and RealNetworks to fight Microsofts Xbox video game system, due in stores this November. Sony last week said it will embed America Online features and RealNetworks media player software into its PlayStation 2 game console by years end.

Reals Playground

Maybe they should rename the company "RealFun." Last week RealNetworks launched RealArcade, a game service that offers 120 PC games, including free Web games, downloadable three- dimensional games and multiplayer Internet games. The downloadable games range from $9.99 to $19.99 for full versions.

Rocket Fuel