Linking Legacy With Wireless

By eweek  |  Posted 2002-03-25

Businesses with legacy systems still must find a way of getting their data out over wireless devices. Droplets Inc. this month released an updated version of its flagship application platform designed to help businesses make that jump. Droplets User Interface Server 2.2 and Droplets Software Development Kit add new real-time alerting capabilities, wireless device compatibility and enhanced APIs.

By partnering with SavaJe Technologies Inc., of Chelmsford, Mass., New York-based Droplets enables the deployment of its client player to SavaJe XE, a mobile operating system that supports Java 2 Standard Edition. In addition, rich GUI applications can be distributed throughout the enterprise and beyond the firewall without having to open new ports back to the server. The Droplets User Interface Server 2.2 and development kit are available for trial now.

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