See How This Mouse Runs

By Jason Brooks  |  Posted 2001-10-01

Anyone whos ventured to defunk the innards of a mouse, or has set up a system just right only to learn that the mouse cord is too short to reach, should find something to like in Microsofts Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer.

The $74.95 optical mouse communicates via radio with a small receiver unit that plugs into a computers USB port.

In the time I spent with the little leashless cyber-rodent, I appreciated its wire-free operation, even if it meant a few lapses in communication between the mouse and its base station—these were likely due to the piles of interference-generating equipment that my desk seems to attract.

A wireless optical mouse is a luxury item; Id rather spend my $80 on a fat RAM upgrade for my PC. For those who wish to treat themselves, however, the Wireless IntelliMouse began shipping last week.

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