VigilEnt Guards BEA WebLogic

By Timothy Dyck  |  Posted 2001-10-08

As I was testing BEA Systems WebLogic for a Review in the Oct. 1 issue, I learned about PentaSafe Security Technologies VigilEnt Security Agent for BEA WebLogic, the first app server security auditing tool Ive seen.

I installed Release 1.1 of the tool, which started shipping at the end of August, and let it run a security audit on eWeek Labs test WebLogic 6.1 server.

As part of its audit, VigilEnt checks the access permissions on all WebLogic objects; runs a password complexity analysis against defined WebLogic user accounts; and looks for possible security weaknesses, such as directory indexing turned on and still-installed example applications.

New in Version 1.1 is the ability to analyze Web application and Enterprise JavaBean settings to look for possible security problems.

VigilEnt also provided instructions on how to properly secure every security weakness found in our configuration.

The tool archives WebLogic configuration files and can compare archived with current versions to detect unauthorized changes. It also performs some basic system security analysis.

VigilEnt works with WebLogic 5.x and 6.x; prices start at $2,995 on Windows and $4,995 on Unix systems.

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