Fast Facts Infrastructure: June 18, 2001

By eweek  |  Posted 2001-06-18

More Dish

EchoStar Communications says it is moving within striking distance of No. 1 satellite television provider DirecTV, adding 1 million new customers in a seven-month period. EchoStar now has 6 million subscribers, compared with 9.8 million for DirecTV.

Broadband Bust

Troubled networking vendor 3Com last week said it will discontinue its line of consumer cable and DSL modems, though it will continue to sell business-oriented DSL routers and modems for businesses and enterprises. 3Com said "an industrywide glut" of consumer cable and DSL modems has forced down prices and profit margins, leading it to shut down that line of business.

Calling Sprint

Richard Bransons Virgin Group has reportedly settled on Sprint as the carrier for its U.S. virtual mobile network. The company declined to comment on rumors that Sprint beat out rivals AT&T, Nextel Communications and VoiceStream Wireless to supply the network for Virgin-branded wireless service, but did say that negotiations are continuing.

Rocket Fuel