Java Tools Subscribers Get Free Hardware

By Darryl K. Taft  |  Posted 2004-02-11

In a move likened to the cellular phone industry, Sun Microsystems Inc. has announced a promotion around its Java enterprise development platform where it will provide free hardware to developers who subscribe to the companys Java-based enterprise development tools.

Under the promotion announced Tuesday in San Francisco, Sun officials said developers who sign up for subscriptions to the Java Enterprise Developer Promotion will receive Suns Java Studio Enterprise development tools as well as a free Advanced Micro Devices Inc. Opteron-based server along with support and services for a rate of $1,499 per year for three years.

Officials of Santa Clara, Calif., company said the promotion includes Suns Java Studio Enterprise tools suite; Sun Studio compilers for C, C++ and Fortran development; the Solaris 9 operating system for x86; a Sun Fire V20z Server; support; and access to online information and forums.

The promotion is available now and will run through the end of June, Sun officials said.

"This approach is similar to the mobile phone industry that provides a cell phone as part of the cellular subscription," said Jonathan Schwartz, Suns executive vice president of software, in a statement.

The company also said the Sun Java Studio Enterprise tools suite is available for enterprises to acquire on a subscription basis for $5 per employee per year or purchased separately for $1,895 per developer.

Meanwhile, Sun also announced that the next version of its Java Enterprise System (JES)—Java Enterprise System 2004Q2—will be available next quarter with such enhancements as additional platform support. JES 2004Q2 will support Red Hat Linux in addition to the already supported Solaris and Solaris x86 platforms, and will support additional platforms throughout the year, the company said.

Sun also previewed Solaris 10, which will be available at years end and will feature the Sun Studio 8 compilers.

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