Neon Supplements Mainframe Integration With SOA

By Renee Boucher Ferguson  |  Posted 2005-08-10
Neon Systems Inc. announced on Wednesday new software that adds a Services Oriented Architecture framework to the companys mainframe integration capabilities.

Neons Shadow RTE (Real-Time Enterprise) takes a page out of traditional application integration software by providing an enterprise service bus approach to mainframe integration— and a single architecture for accessing legacy data in a variety of ways.

Shadow RTE is based on Neons Shadow code base, along with technology acquired from Clientsoft and InnerAccess Technologies last year. It is a consolidated development environment that enables users to access and deploy legacy data as Web services in a services-based architecture, and as real time events in an Event-Driven Architecture. Users can also utilize SQL for direct access to legacy data.

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Shadow RTE deploys natively on IBMs z/Series mainframe—and serves as the foundation for Neons additional Shadow integration software including, among others: Shadow z/Services that supports Web services in a SOA (Services Oriented Architecture); z/Events, for real-time events integration in an Event Driven Architecture; z/Direct supporting SQL for data access and transactional support; and z/Presentation for extending screen-based applications to the Web.

As part of its Shadow RTE announcement, Neon also unveiled the details of a joint partnership with application integration software provider webMethods Inc. The two companies partnership will bring together WebMethods Fabric business process integration suite with Neons Shadow RTE.

The result: Companies will have the ability to leverage their mainframe data as Web services (in a services-based framework) giving them the ability to model and deploy business processes that span both mainframe and distributed environments, officials said.

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