Pramati Eases Web App Development

By Jim Rapoza  |  Posted 2004-02-16
With all the big-name vendors in the J2EE server and development market—not to mention the popularity of open-source options—a relatively small vendor might not seem to have a chance.

However, Pramati Technologies provides a good blueprint for how small vendors can compete in this environment. In Pramati Studio 3.5, the company provides a high-quality, intuitive product that works well with open standards and competing products.

Pramati Studio 3.5, which shipped in December and is priced starting at $995, is a powerful, intuitive IDE that can meet the needs of any company developing Java-based Web applications.

In tests, I was impressed with the combination of advanced code-editing capabilities and helpful aids provided by Pramati Studio 3.5. The IDE has a good set of testing tools and debuggers.

I especially liked Pramati Studios tool for recording and testing JSP, which are often overlooked in J2EE tools. Studio 3.5 includes an embedded version of Pramati Server, which can be useful in developer implementations.

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