Siber Addresses the Form Factor

By eweek  |  Posted 2003-10-13

Siber Systems $29.99 Roboform Pro 5.5 takes care of one of the more annoying tasks associated with online surfing: filling in Web-based forms.

Once armed with some personal information, RoboForm deftly filled in the fields on a number of Web-based forms I encountered. A tiny pop-up window appeared when I visited a Web site with a form. RoboForm would take a crack at filling it out for me, or I could provide it with the information, which it then stored for future use.

All personal information is stored by RoboForm on the users local hard drive. For users who travel often, the latest version, released earlier this month, also enables users to store their RoboForm information on a USB storage device.

More information is available at

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