Taking Control of Arthritis

By eweek  |  Posted 2001-07-30

Getting medical information online is nothing new, but the Arthritis Foundation is taking it a step further.

The organization recently launched "Connect and Control: Your Online Arthritis Action Guide," an interactive site designed to help sufferers self-manage their condition by creating self-tailored programs to deal with the disease and implement necessary lifestyle changes.

One in six U.S. citizens is affected by arthritis, said the foundation. At the same time, people are facing demanding schedules that make it difficult to carve out space for doctor visits, which last an average of 15 minutes. The foundation created the program to encourage people to handle their situations themselves.

The program is free for arthritis sufferers. For more information, go to www.arthritis.org.

Bermuda.net for $20,000

If youre fishing for a domain name, start your search at WebMagic.

To bring in cash, the company, starting this week, is holding a 90-day "fire sale" of 333 domain names, many at half-price.

Included are bermuda.net for $20,000, crimes.com for $75,000 and news.org for $100,000. Theres fettuccine.com for $10,000; linguini.com and penne.com, both $20,000; and pepperoni.com and pesto.com for $50,000 each. You can also get overeating.com for $20,000. At the lowest price of $5,000 are adjustments.com and alarmsystems.net, while cargo.com is for sale for $500,000.

Sircam Hits the FBI

The fast-moving sircam virus struck the FBI last week when a researcher at the agencys National Infrastructure Protection Center accidentally set it loose.

Some agency documents—none dealing with current investigations, said a spokeswoman—were sent to people outside the FBI.

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