The Buzz: December 18, 2001

By eweek  |  Posted 2000-12-18

HP Ranks High for Women

Hewlett-Packard and Lucent were among four high-tech companies listed as good places for women who have executive-level hopes.

In its annual survey, also ranked IBM and SBC Communications in the top 25 companies for women. Criteria included the number of women in management and mentorship programs for women. Companies also scored well if they had a female CEO and other women among the top-ranking officials.

Carly Fiorinas ascent to the top spot at HP helped that companys ratings, according to the study.

Indie Film on Gates Death

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates is shot in Los Angeles during a charity event, and the lone gunman is later killed by police.

But is there a conspiracy behind the shooting, and if so, who are the conspirators? Oracle? Apple? The Department of Justice?

That is the story line behind the upcoming independent movie "MacArthur Park," set to debut early next year. The movie is being produced by GMD Studios and Haxan Films, creators of "The Blair Witch Project." And, like last years low-budget hit, the producers expect to use the Internet to generate interest in the film.

The film, as well as a Web site,, follows an investigation by a fictional group, Citizens for Truth. Another site,, will look at the alternative theories.

Record Set for Online Shopping

Online shoppers this holiday season are defying predictions of a downturn in e-tail sales, setting records by topping $200 million in sales on two consecutive days last week, according to, a site that surveys consumers. Auction sites are also experiencing big jumps in traffic—up 60 percent over last year.

Items that have shown the greatest jump in sales include home and garden products and toys. However, computer hardware and software are not selling as much as expected.

Computer and related sales comprise 38 percent of overall spending online, which put a drag on holiday spending totals. Toys account for 8 percent of all online sales, with home and garden products totaling about 7 percent. Last year, the peak day was Dec. 13, when online shoppers spent $177.9 million.

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