eFiles: April 16, 2001

By eweek  |  Posted 2001-04-16

Fans Would Pick DSL Over Coffee

If forced to choose, DSL diehards would opt for their slick Internet connections over their coffee (63 percent), newspaper (78 percent), radio (74 percent) and cable TV (59 percent), according to a recent survey conducted by digital subscriber line provider SBC Communications Inc., of San Antonio, Texas.

Those broadband fans spend a lot of time with the object of their techie affection, too: The survey—admittedly biased since it was funded by a broadband vendor—found residential DSL users spending an average of 25 hours online per week. And just what are they doing? Theyre shopping online (95 percent), e-mailing photos (76 percent), downloading streaming video (64 percent), downloading MP3s (61 percent), telecommuting (60 percent), creating Web pages (49 percent) and playing games (47 percent).

Europe Set to Spurn Wired Broadband

The paucity of viable broadband alternatives is going to send European enterprises straight into the arms of fixed wireless access, according to a new report from Strategis Group Inc., with offices in Washington, London, Singapore and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The report, "European Fixed Wireless Access Markets," predicts that the fixed wireless access market will hit $8.6 billion by 2006. By that time, many of the supply-side bottlenecks, such as pricey customer equipment, will have been resolved, according to Strategis.

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