eFiles: March 12, 2001

By eweek  |  Posted 2001-03-12
Yet More Ads to Bombard Surfers

Web surfers already tired of ads appearing everywhere online had better brace for an even bigger marketing tsunami. By 2005, the average online user will receive 950 marketing messages a day, compared with a daily hit of 610 this year, according to data released by Jupiter Media Metrix Inc., of New York. The trend is bad news for sites relying on advertising because the clutter of messages will make it more difficult to prove the return on investment for advertisers, Jupiter analysts reported.

Clutter isn?t the only concern. AdRelevance, a company owned by Jupiter, also found that more and more sites are relying on house ads, or self-promotions, on their sites. About 28 percent of ads on media Web sites were house ads at the end of 2000, compared with 15 percent early in the year.

Advertisers Leery of Post-PC Devices

Advertising on post-PC devices such as mobile phones, interactive televisions and Web kiosks will grow modestly and remain a small portion of overall online advertising through 2005 despite the proliferation of new devices, according to a report released in February by Jupiter. While online advertising accessed via PCs is projected to reach $16 billion in revenues by 2005, revenues from ads on wireless and other post-PC devices will grow to $5 billion, Jupiter reported.

Advertisers remain leery of other Internet devices because the market for them is highly fragmented and the models for how to advertise on them remain unclear.

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