Microsoft Refreshes Avalon, Indigo Beta Builds

By eweek  |  Posted 2005-05-24
Microsoft Corp. made available for download on Monday an updated beta release of two of its future Windows subsystems: the "Avalon" presentation and the "Indigo" communication ones.

As part of the new beta release—which Microsoft has christened Beta 1 Release Candidate (RC)—the company also is making available to testers a first beta release of a number of new technologies due to debut in Longhorn, the version of Windows due out in 2006. Among these new beta bits:

  • A first release of Microsofts InfoCard technology;
  • A first beta release of the recently announced Microsoft "Metro" document publishing technology;
  • A first pass of a new speech application programming interface that will be key to Microsofts updated speech recognition and speech synthesis technologies.

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