Microsoft Sneaks Out a New Longhorn Server Build

By eweek  |  Posted 2006-02-28

While testers have been all over the newest Windows Vista Community Technology Preview build, the new Longhorn Server test build, which Microsoft also delivered at the end of February, has gotten far less attention.

Testers confirmed that Microsoft has posted on the Connect beta-download site the Longhorn Server Build 5308 bits for download.

Microsoft officials acknowledged that the company released Longhorn Server 5308 to a set of private beta testers last week.

"Because the Windows Vista and Windows Server Longhorn development cycles are synched, Longhorn code is also going out as part of the Windows Vista CTP, but is accessible to private beta testers only," a company spokesperson said.

In December, Microsoft released simultaneous builds of Windows Vista and Longhorn Server (build number 5270 for both).

Since Microsoft released a public CTP build of Windows Server Longhorn at the Professional Developers Conference, the company has not labeled any of the test releases as either a beta or a CTP.

In the same vein, Microsoft is characterizing the new Longhorn Server 5308 build as neither a beta nor a CTP, the spokesperson said.

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