Putting Zip in Windows

By Jason Brooks  |  Posted 2001-10-29

The compressed folders utility that began shipping with Windows ME gets the job done, but many users will want more-muscular file compression options.

One such application is PentaZip 5.0, a file viewing and compression utility from PentaWare. PentaZip supports 13 file compression formats and allows users to convert formats such as CAB, JAR and TAR to Zip.

PentaZip serves well as a file viewer, faithfully rendering nearly every type of image file I could think of, as well as MP3 and AVI files and Word and Excel documents.

PentaZip can be downloaded in a 30-day trial version and costs $30 when purchased over the Web. A packaged, snail-mail version will run you an extra $10.

Go to www.pentazip.com for more info.

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