Raxco Defragger Gains Ad Integration

By Francis Chu  |  Posted 2003-06-23

Perfect Disk 6.0, Raxco Softwares latest Windows disk defragmenter, includes enhancements that make the latest version better suited for the enterprise.

Integration with Active Directory will allow enterprises to deploy Perfect Disk 6.0 using group policies and make software updates easier to manage.

Version 6.0 supports most Windows platforms, but the Perfect Disk Workstation version cannot be installed on server versions of Windows, whereas the Perfect Disk Server edition supports both.

When I installed Perfect Disk on a desktop running Windows XP Professional, it provided a much-more-in-depth analysis of my hard drive fragmentation status than did the built-in defragmenter. I quickly optimized my system and customized a threshold that let Perfect Disk place frequently used files for improved performance.

Scheduling defrag runs is easy with the local scheduler, and Perfect Disk let me schedule jobs over the network on any system that had the software installed.

Perfect Disk 6.0 is available now, priced at $45 for the Workstation edition and $240 for the Server version. For more information, go to www.raxco.com.

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