Securesuite XS Disposes of Passwords

By Anne Chen  |  Posted 2003-08-04

I/O softwares SecureSuite XS Workstation 4.2 reduces help desk costs associated with forgotten user passwords by eliminating passwords altogether. The authentication software, which is usually bundled with third-party hardware, can be deployed as a stand-alone application or in a client/server setting that includes integration with Windows Active Directory.

SecureSuite XS supports more than 24 authentication technologies to identify users, including biometrics, smart cards and USB tokens. The software runs on Windows 2000 Professional/Server and later versions.

I tested SecureSuite XS Workstation 4.2 Release Candidate 2 with Sony Electronics $139 FIU-600 fingerprint device and Rainbow Technologies $38 iKey 1032 USB key.

Using a wizard, I designated user profiles with single and/or multifactor authentication combinations in which I required a fingerprint, a password and the USB key.

I used my fingerprint instead of a password to access the Windows applications I had secured by requiring biometric identification verification. I also locked down and encrypted individual folders and documents with ease.

SecureSuite XS will be available for purchase later this month. More information can be found at

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