WinZip Beta Zips Through Files

By Francis Chu  |  Posted 2001-08-06

I recently downloaded the beta edition of WinZip 8.1 and discovered that it has some nice improvements over Version 8.0 that will make archiving files much easier in Windows operating systems.

WinZip 8.1 is better integrated with Windows Explorer than is Version 8.0, and you can select several zip files and extract them into folders at the same time. With WinZip 8.0, you can extract only one file at a time.

One new feature I really like is the ability to split zip files into smaller segments. This makes it much easier to send large archives over applications such as e-mail that have limits on the size of file attachments.

Version 8.1 also supports Windows XP themes and operates as a native XP program, so there is no need to use compatibility mode.

Try out the beta for yourself, and see how you like it—its available for download from

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