Drobo Deployments Hit the Exabyte Storage Level

By Chris Preimesberger  |  Posted 2013-04-02

Network-attached storage maker Drobo revealed this week that in aggregate, its customers have purchased and deployed more than an exabyte of storage using its systems.

An exabyte represents a long string of zeros; it amounts to 1,000 petabytes, or 1 million terabytes, or 1 billion gigabytes or the equivalent of 245 million DVDs. Since its first system was introduced in mid-2007, the company said it has sold approximately 250,000 systems--mostly to creative professionals, prosumers, small businesses and enterprises.

San Jose, Calif.-based Drobo uses patented IT that automates complex storage functions. Recently the company has extended its patented BeyondRAID secret sauce to accommodate solid-state devices and cloud storage integration, thanks to a partnership with Barracuda Network's Copy Cloud Service. Drobo storage devices come in a variety of performance and capacity options at prices ranging from less than $600 to about $20,000.

Drobos are deployed in a wide range of use cases by professionals and home media enthusiasts looking to consolidate and accelerate video, photo and music files, as well as by small businesses that need primary storage and backup packages to protect large amounts of data.

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