Samsung Galaxy Note II Scores Big Sales: 10 Reasons It's So Popular

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2012-11-26

Samsung Galaxy Note II Scores Big Sales: 10 Reasons It's So Popular

Samsung’s Galaxy Note II is officially a success. Samsung announced on Nov. 26 that sales of the device, which launched just two months ago, have hit 5 million units.

To put that into perspective, Samsung noted that the first Galaxy Note took five months to reach that same milestone. It’s even more surprising, considering the device’s half-smartphone, half-tablet design has confused some customers who aren’t sure how they would use it.

The Galaxy Note II’s success has come both from consumer and enterprise sources. In the consumer market, customers are picking it up as a replacement for their outdated smartphones and view it as an effective bridge to tablets. In the enterprise, the stylus has caught some eyes, making it a worthwhile option for a surprising number of companies. Like Apple, Samsung has found a way to be all things to nearly all customers. And its success makes that all the more clear.

But why is the Galaxy Note II such a success? What has it been able to do that so many other products on store shelves simply haven’t?

Read on to find out:

1. The design is outstanding

The Samsung Galaxy Note II has one of the nicest designs of any mobile product. The device comes with a big, 5.5-inch screen and is just 9.4 mm thick, making it thinner than the vast majority of products on store shelves. According to those who have used the product often, the big display is arguably the best feature, and creates a fun and useful experience for all users.

2. The stylus works really well

The special thing about the Galaxy Note is that it comes with a stylus. So, in addition to tapping around the display with their fingers, users can employ the stylus perform various tasks. Debates rage over the usefulness of a stylus on a smaller screen, but at least so far, consumers and enterprise users seem happy.

3. The multi-window support is nice/strong

The Galaxy Note II’s Android software allows for multiple window support. In other words, users can look at two open applications on the screen at the same time without fear of losing their spot in either program. It’s about time mobile users have more desktop-like features.

4. It’s a powerful little device

If the Galaxy Note II has anything, it’s power. In fact, the device ships with a 1.6GHz quad-core processor. Add that to its powerful graphics chip, and customers find an experience that can handle resource-intensive tasks, such as running productivity suites, as well as gaming. Not bad.

Samsung Galaxy Note II Scores Big Sales: 10 Reasons It's so Popular

5. The so-called “Easy mode” delivers fast access to apps, data

Easy mode is one of those features that might go overlooked, but actually adds a lot of value to the Galaxy Note II. Easy mode is designed to help users access important functions, like contacts and apps, from the home screen without having to sift through the device’s on-screen software to find them. It makes getting work done much easier.

6. It’s a true multimedia device

Samsung has gone out of its way to make the Galaxy Note II a multimedia device. The product includes support for a wide array of video formats, and with the company’s Music Hub, users can download all of the tracks they desire. A built-in 8-megapixel rear camera is also a nice addition.

7. Samsung is a leader for a reason

As recent performance has shown, just two companies—Apple and Samsung—are dominating the mobile market. In fact, the companies combined to score more than 100 percent of the mobile market’s profits last quarter. That’s because those two companies are delivering the most interesting products. Customers know what brands they like, and they stick with them.

8. Connect to the Web anywhere

Although 4G LTE service is coming to more places around the U.S., there’s still a shocking number of products that don’t support the ultra-high-speed networking. The Galaxy Note II, however, does. And those who don’t think that’s important are kidding themselves. LTE is the future, and every consumer and enterprise user knows it.

9. It’s actually quite nice for enterprise users

Speaking of enterprise users, the Galaxy Note II actually does a nice job of appealing to the corporate world. The device has built-in encryption and support for VPN networks. In addition, the device supports Mobile Device Management applications, Cisco Compatible Extensions and VMware Mobile Virtualization Platform. Not bad for a product that many believed was best-suited for consumers.

10. App support

By running Android, the Galaxy Note II takes advantage of the operating system’s ever-expanding application marketplace. Does that mean that all apps will work so well with the Note’s stylus? No. But it does mean that there will be an ample number of apps available to anyone who wants to enhance its use. And that’s a good thing.

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