Samsung Tablets Are Well Worth Buying: 10 Reasons Why

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2013-01-15

Samsung Tablets Are Well Worth Buying: 10 Reasons Why

Samsung tablets aren’t uppermost in buyers’ minds as a top choice in the market. Apple’s iPad, due mainly to its dominant market share, gets nearly all of the attention.

That factor brought stronger sales for Apple products and made it difficult for competing tablet makers, particularly Samsung, Google, Amazon and others to actually get market attention their models might deserve based on features and performance. For now, consumers are dedicating most of their spending on Apple’s iPad.

But perhaps that should change. Samsung in particular has been offering tablets that don’t get the respect they deserve. Yes, they’ve been involved in patent lawsuits with Apple, and yes, debate rages on over how similar they are to the iPad, but that shouldn’t discount their value. Samsung knows how to build mobile products that deliver quality and value that rival anything else on the market. Reviews of those products reflect that.

So, it might be a good time to take a closer look at Samsung’s tablets and see why they are smart buys. They might not have the cachet of Apple iPads, but that doesn’t mean that aren’t just as good.

Here’s why you should buy a Samsung tablet.

1. It’s all about choice

The nice thing about Samsung’s tablet line is that it delivers the kind of choice today’s customers want. Those who want a 7-inch tablet for an attractive price will get it. Those who would like a larger slate with a stylus can have that. In Samsung’s line, it’s all about choice.

2. Larger screen sizes are available

Although the iPad’s 9.7-inch screen is a nice size, it can’t compete with those from Samsung. In fact, customers will find that they can get a 10.1-inch screen from Samsung. That might not sound like a big difference at first blush, but actually holding the device will reveal just how much more screen real estate that .4 inches delivers.

3. Don’t discount the stylus

The Samsung Galaxy Note is a device that shouldn’t be overlooked. In fact, out of all Samsung’s tablets, the Galaxy Note gets the highest reviews. Why? The stylus works exceptionally well and actually increases overall usability. Intuitive design is something we hear about often. The Galaxy Note actually delivers it.

4. The software is top-notch

The nice thing about Samsung mobile products is that they don’t simply run the latest version of Android. While the latest version might be running on its products, Samsung slaps its own software on top of it, creating a truly unique experience that considers how users interact with the device. With its Premium Suite Upgrade, for example, the software anticipates what app a user wants based on their actions.

Samsung Tablets Are Well Worth Buying: 10 Reasons Why

5. Extras are everywhere

In addition to offering its own software design on top of Android, the company delivers a wide array of extra programs designed to increase the operating system’s appeal to customers. For example, customers will find a Music Hub, offering popular tracks. On the Galaxy Note, Samsung delivers several of its own applications designed to accommodate note-taking and other stylus-related actions.

6. Affordability factor is high

Samsung’s tablet line fits into any budget. The company’s Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, for example, can be purchased for as little as $199 for those who are fine with 8GB of storage and WiFi-only connectivity. Even the company’s high-end Galaxy Note with 32GB of storage and WiFi can be purchased for $549.99. A similarly equipped iPad will set customers back $599.

7. Always-connected options

Although some companies believe that selling tablets for less forces them to only offer WiFi options without cellular, Samsung doesn’t agree. In fact, the company offers a wide array of smaller tablets, like its Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, that come with cellular connectivity. That means the tablets offer full usability regardless of where the user is.

8. Ports aplenty

The big complaint with Apple’s iPad is that it only comes with the company’s Lightning port. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab line, however, comes with a slot for SD card expansion as well as a USB 2.0 port. What that means is more products can be connected to the tablets, making them a bit more open for gadget-obsessed users.

9. True innovation

Samsung’s products are truly innovative. The company is the first to actually make a stylus work in on today’s tablet designs. And on the software side, Samsung is delivering a host of features that not even Apple has delivered to its products. If it’s innovation a customer is after, Samsung can deliver.

10. Enterprise functionality

When evaluating the Galaxy Note, customers will quickly find that the device comes with real value to the enterprise. For example, the stylus makes it easy for employees to take notes. And if companies want to create a native Android application for their employees, the stylus can come in handy as a signature tool. The Galaxy Note might just be the best enterprise tablet out there.

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