Google Glass Faces Market Barriers: 10 Factors That Could Hold it Back

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2013-05-09

Google Glass is on the minds of just about every technology nerd out there. The device, which is worn like a pair of glasses, allows users to do everything from snapping photos to recording video. Google Glass is designed to replace cameras, smartphones and perhaps other devices as the primary form of communication and data transmission on an individual's person. According to Google, it's the next logical step for wearable technology and will entice quite a few customers to buy it. But what if Google Glass doesn't actually succeed in attracting customers? As nice as the idea might sound, there are still a number of market barriers that could cause Google Glass to stumble at the starting gates. Google Glass is an ambitious project that while it will win adherents is also making other potential users question whether it is practical. eWEEK examines the factors that could hold back Google Glass. From market factors to Google's own missteps, it's possible that Google Glass won't actually reach the level of success so many think it will.

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