WhatsUp Gold Gets Virtual

By Cameron Sturdevant  |  Posted 2011-07-01

I just wrapped up a review of WhatsUp Gold version 15. What a trip down memory. I reviewed WhatsUp Gold version 6 in 2001 and version 8 in 2003.

This latest version does a good job of integrating physical and virtual infrastructure performance. It also carries forward some of my love-to-hate features, including Ipswitch's messy mapping algorithms. Through the years, trying to figure out your network based on a WhatsUp Gold map has consistently been a non-starter.

The good thing is that the WhatsUp Gold list view has always been there, making vital information easy to find. I was glad to see that updated WhatsVirtual plug-in gained additional capabilities. The VMware-only module made it easy for me to track the real time movement of my virtual machines as they were moved around our test infrastructure. Melding physical and virtual system performance should help IT managers figure out problems with a minimum of downtime.

One thing WhatsUp Gold hasn't changed are large number of network troubleshooting tools included in the product. Diagnosing a network or system problem has always been a strength of WhatsUp Gold and makes it worth adding to any organizations IT tool kit.

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