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  • The carrier continues to make positive strides, several analysts told eWEEK, as it continues to grow its customer base and earnings figures.


  • As it adds more customers, T-Mobile is trying to bulk up its IT staff in Seattle, where it is seeking skilled workers in software, systems and more.

  • Best Buy will be the first non-Apple U.S. retailer to sell the smartwatches, which will be available in 300 Best Buy stores by the Christmas holidays.

  • Beta testing time is moving forward steadily in the Apple user community. People around the globe have the opportunity to try out iOS 9 and El Capitan—Apple's latest operating systems—to see how close they are to being ready for distribution and use, as their official release will be in the fall. Apple on July 22 released the second public beta of iOS 9, which includes several major enhancements and bug fixes. Apple cautioned that the operating system is still in beta and it doesn't recommend actively using the platform full time, but those who are more intrepid or are building new apps for the operating system will undoubtedly download it and try it out. The same can be said for Apple's upcoming OS X build, El Capitan, which is also available for download through Apple's developer and beta testing platforms. Apple is being far more open handed with information about its latest operating systems. And this will enable people thinking about adopting platforms to learn quite a bit more before they take the plunge. So read on through the following slides to learn about some of the important features built into iOS 9 and El Capitan.

  • Apple has so far been vague about official sales figures for the device, which arrived to much media fanfare earlier this year.

  • While Apple's key quarterly financial indicators were up from the same quarter in 2014, they were all down from the prior quarter.

  • Facebook, Google, HP, Dell, eBay and others enter a "friend of the court" brief to support Samsung in its ongoing patent war with Apple.

  • The new smartwatch is also available at online immediately or in Target stores or at during the week of Aug. 17.

  • The app, called Alert, gets glucose readings through Apple HealthKit and lets users call for help if they are experiencing a health emergency.

  • Apple has decided it's time to take the fight to Spotify with the launch of its new streaming service, Apple Music. The platform, which includes curated playlists as well as a live radio station, is the company's answer to the explosive growth of streaming alternatives. Apple Music is also illustrative of just how far the music industry has come in the last 15 years. From Napster to iTunes, music file downloads and their sales were once all that mattered, but things are slowly changing. Consumers would now rather pay a monthly fee for access to millions of songs they can stream on devices of all types. Simply put, the music industry has gone through a series of major changes. And Apple's decision to take on Spotify and launch a streaming service suggests it's ready to fight for the industry's latest phase. But now customers must decide who should win. Should they choose Apple Music or stick with Spotify, which has been in the music streaming and podcast business since 2006? In the following slides, we'll highlight some key features in each and help folks determine which service may be best.

  • At long last, Apple unveiled a new version of its iPod Touch. In typical fashion, Apple called its latest device "the best iPod Touch yet," saying that it comes with high-end features and components that will make it far more useful for audiophiles who want a high-quality music-playing experience without paying for an iPhone or iPad. The iPod Touch also comes at a critical time for Apple as it looks to the future of its music distribution business. For more than a decade, Apple has been a prominent player in music through its iTunes Store. But as people have increasingly turned toward streaming music, the company is now offering a new option, called Apple Music. Apple is hoping that the tie-up between Apple Music and the iPod Touch will help drive sales at the iPod division, which has reported tumbling revenue over the past few years. This slide show discusses the new iPod Touch's features and what the future might have in store for this long-popular entertainment device as Apple looks to revitalize its music and entertainment business.

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