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  • Apple Watch apps development will certainly be a big topic at this year's WWDC event, which will also include development tracks on iOS, OS X and much more.

  • In addition to a number of updates in OS X 10.10.3, Apple is fixing vulnerabilities across its OS X operating system.

  • A Synack researcher alleges that Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) can be used to bypass Apple's Gatekeeper and other security products.

  • Apple continues to push the boundaries of its Mac notebook line by introducing its thinnest model yet of the iconic MacBook. The device, which was unveiled at Apple's "Spring Forward" media briefing on March 9, is arguably one of the most attractive computers the company has ever offered and demonstrates that it has yet to reach the outer limits of slim and lightweight PC design. The MacBook is ultra-thin, comes in a gold version for those who like that upscale color, and has an edge-to-edge keyboard. And with a 12-inch display, it's provides plenty of screen real estate for productive work. While much of the initial market discussion has focused on the design, the notebook has a number of important features that shouldn't be overlooked. The MacBook could be a trendsetter in the notebook space in more ways than one. It's definitely worth consideration for anyone who is getting ready to buy a new notebook computer, whether it's for work or personal use. This eWEEK slide show covers some features that make this latest MacBook stand out.

  • The outage impacted sales on the iTunes Store, iBooks Store, App Store, and Mac App Store. It also shut down the iCloud.

  • The FREAK SSL/TLS vulnerability and four other issues get patched in Mac OS X security update.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: If the Apple Watch can do something other than put smartphone functions on a wrist, a lot more people might be interested.

  • Apple went a full hour-and-a-half into its press event March 3 reintroducing Apple Watch (remember, it was first introduced to the world six months ago, on Sept. 9) before it dropped the $10,000 bomb. That's the price the company is asking for its solid 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition, the elite device that headlined the event, which also focused on a new notebook and an Apple/HBO television deal. Apple Watch Sport and just plain Apple Watch are the two other "curated" wrist-worn models, which will cost much less ($349 to $1,049). CEO Tim Cook described Apple Watch as the "most personal device we've ever created. It's not just with you; it's on you." Apple, at its event at the Yerba Buena Center in downtown San Francisco, also showed its latest MacBook Air notebook, which now weighs a mere 2 pounds ("I can't even feel it!" kidded Cook onstage) and can be obtained in a gold finish. Despite its impressive sales job, Apple still may not have answered the question: "Why buy a watch, when a phone or tablet can do the job just as well?" This eWEEK slide show includes highlights of the March 9 launch event.

  • The company is phasing out both iPhoto and Aperture, its professional-level photo-management software, in favor of Photos.

  • The Mac version of Office is catching up to its Windows brethren, and Microsoft is inviting users to take an early look.

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