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  • The app will be used by 1,000 beta testers to ID restricted flight areas to help make the skies safer when drones and model planes are being used.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: With jailbroken devices, the simple truth is you're at risk from a lot more than just Keyraider, which has now claimed 225,000 victims.

  • The company is apparently continuing to expand its inroads into consumer entertainment beyond streaming music and its Apple TV efforts.

  • The Android Wear app for iOS won't let iPhone users do everything on their devices, but it will provide basic information and functions.

  • The fourth-generation Apple TV set-top box, which is expected to be unveiled Sept. 9, will likely be for sale in October, according to reports.

  • The mobile payments space is about to become a bit more complicated, if a leaked document from McDonald's is to be believed. The memo suggests that Google will be launching its Android Pay mobile payment application ahead of schedule on Aug. 26. The move will make Android Pay available about a month before Samsung's payment service and officially puts Android Pay in a head-to-head competition against Apple Pay, one of the few mobile payment options currently available to mobile users. The stakes are high for Android Pay. While several big companies are lining up to offer mobile payment services, most analysts agree that Apple Pay and Android Pay have the best chance of succeeding. After all, the analysts argue, they'll run on more devices than any other platform. With this in mind, eWEEK compares Apple Pay and Android Pay to see how they measure up in terms of features and value for people who want to make greater use mobile payments. Read on to learn why Apple Pay and Android Pay may have the best chance of succeeding in the potentially lucrative mobile payments business.

  • The second-generation health and fitness band includes an updated, advanced heart rate sensor and is slated to go on sale in September.

  • Getting the latest Apple TV hardware ready for iOS 9 is a key reason for the product's apparent delay, according to a recent report.

  • Originally expected to start by September, contract negotiations with TV networks for content are taking longer than expected, according to a report.

  • In OS X 10.10.5, Apple patches multiple issues, including one first publicly disclosed in July.

  • The time is approaching for Apple's annual early fall product launch event. Each year, the company uses a day in September or October to showcase some of its latest wares—usually a new iPhone—and typically announces the schedule for the release of the latest versions of its operating systems. Chatter leading up to this year's event indicates the spotlight will be on the latest iPhone models. Many Apple watchers are hoping that Apple also will showcase some other products and finally talk about some of the things it's been sidestepping for far too long, including sharing sales numbers on Apple Watch and how many of its Apple Music users are actually engaged with the platform. As usual, Apple remains tight-lipped on its plans and won't disclose what it's planning to talk about until CEO Tim Cook takes the stage in September. The media speculation is focused on the likely introduction of the iPhone 6s and 6c, which would certainly conform to Apple's earlier release of an iPhone 5s and 5c. However, some are speculating that the iPhone 7 will even debut. This slide show takes a look at what could be unveiled at Apple's annual September product briefing.

  • Recent rumors of the latest iPhone 6s models coming out next month also are hinting about the possible release of a more basic iPhone 6c model.

  • An improved backplate for the chassis of the next iPhone 6S is the key to more rigidity and less chance of bending, according to

  • Since Apple Music's June 30 launch, a lot of users have opened 90-day trial accounts for the music streaming service, while the App Store had record July sales.

  • The iPhone maker is investigating the possibility of selling wireless services directly to customers through arrangements made with mobile carriers.

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