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  • If Apple's quarterly financial performance says anything, it's that the company is a financial juggernaut. Despite all of the competition it faces in several core markets, including smartphones, tablets and computers, it's more successful than any other company in the industry. But the fact is no company, including Apple, is invulnerable in the highly competitive technology industry. Apple has succeeded in the face of a massive amount of market challenges; however, new ones keep popping up. This slide show looks at who and what might be creeping up behind Apple. The company may be wildly successful and its products enormously popular, but it's fighting market battles on multiple fronts around the world. In some markets, such as China, Apple hasn't been able to achieve dominance as it has in so many other markets around the globe. Whether it's smartphones, mobile operating systems, tablets or PCs, Apple has to make sure it stays on top of its game. It's even faced with the question of whether it needs to get into new markets where the competition promises to be as fierce as any other, such as electric cars and self-guided cars. Read on to learn more about some of Apple's latest business challenges.

  • The move will expand Seattle-based Parallels' ability to let customers access and use any applications and files on any device, anywhere, any time.

  • Apple Pay, the mobile payment platform created by the iPhone maker, is winning support and building momentum as it moves out into the mobile economy. The latest news is that low-cost airline JetBlue will become the first domestic carrier to enable its passengers to use Apple Pay to make in-flight purchases—from food to movies. JetBlue is just one of a number of businesses that are supporting Apple Pay, including major banks and popular mobile apps. Apple Pay is now available in far more places than one might expect. The service has so far proved reliable, and judging by the frequency that companies are adopting the service, it’s growing in popularity. But as Apple slowly extends its reach across the U.S., it’s worth taking a look at Apple Pay, how it works and how it’s winning more support. The platform is still in its infancy and by no means has become a mobile payment market leader. But Apple Pay now has a solid foundation to build on as it continues to win converts among merchants and consumers.

  • If there is anything certain in the world of Apple, it's that the company will launch a new version of its mobile operating system each year. Apple has reasoned that by updating iOS with new features each year, it's in a position to offer a better experience. And to its credit, most of its updates have achieved that goal. News reports, citing sources, say that Apple will again launch a new version of its mobile operating system this year. That version, called iOS 9, will come with stability and functionality improvements, but will not greatly modify the functionality users currently see in iOS 8. If that's true, and it's hard to tell since Apple doesn't discuss product upgrades before they are ready for release, the development of iOS 9 would be consistent with what Apple has done before. Every other year Apple releases a major iOS upgrade. This is one of the off years when Apple mainly focuses on the internal functionality of the operating system, rather than on improvements to the user interface or application functionality that are more apparent to iPhone owners. Still, there will be some improvements that we would like to see both on the front end and the back of iOS 9. This slide show discusses what they are.

  • The topic will be "Wearables in the Workplace." It will be moderated by Chris Preimesberger, who serves as eWEEK's editor of features and analysis.

  • Photos will provide fast, new-gen image management, editing and cloud-syncing features, the company said.

  • Fake WiFi networks, spoofed Websites and emails, and false coupons can cause super problems for fans attending Super Bowl XLIX.

  • Apple's next iPhones could get a key improvement: an optical zoom camera that would give crisper images, compared with the digital zoom in today's iPhones.

  • Facebook at Work lets businesses create their own version of Facebook, just for their company and employees.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: There is a renewed interest in laptops and desktop this year at the CES, and the manufacturers are ready for the attention.

  • The new App Store sales record was set in the first week of January, and New Year's Day 2015 was the store's biggest sales day ever, according to Apple.

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