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  • The Dynamics CRM Online Spring 2015 update makes it easier for Office users to access and edit CRM data.

  • New services include managed WordPress hosting and the capability for a professional to help small businesses manage their Web hosting services.

  • Google's recent announcement of the anti-phishing Chrome extension Password Alert has renewed interest in apps that can expand the functionality of the browser. Software users frequently look for ways to get more out of software whether it is for work or personal productivity. One of the best ways to do that with Web browsers is to expand the platform with extensions. Google has arguably done the best job of late bringing more developers into the Chrome mix. The company's Chrome Web store is filled with extensions across several topic areas and has enough enterprise-focused extensions for companies to get more out of Google's browser than they might expect. With help from third-party developers, Chrome is actually an easily extendable browser with add-ons that could appeal to many business users. This slide show covers some of the more notable Chrome extensions and how they may come in handy for enterprise users. From security to enhanced productivity, the following extensions promise a better Chrome experience for professionals.

  • Syncplicity is an intuitive file-sharing and synchronization cloud service that combines email, calendar and contacts into a smooth workflow and file-sharing app.

  • Even though RHEL 7 is the latest version, the Linux vendor continues to add new features to RHEL6.x.

  • NetSuite opened its annual SuiteWorld conference with a major partner announcement that connects its applications to Microsoft Office and its Azure cloud.

  • Microsoft has a new Web browser it's now calling Edge. It's the product of the Project Spartan development effort that we heard about earlier this year. The introduction of a redesigned browser 19 years and 11 editions after Microsoft first introduced Internet Explorer in 1995 is a major change for the company. It's indicative of the company's efforts to modernize its software product lines in response to the changing needs of customers around the globe. Microsoft has already done the same thing with Office and Azure, and now it's doing it with its Internet Explorer's replacement, Edge. But with Edge, Microsoft faces the task of explaining to longtime Windows and Internet Explorer users what they can expect in a brand-new browser. It's a risky move by Microsoft because for the first time in nearly 20 years it has to convince Web users why they should keep using a Microsoft browser.  From a streamlined design to promote faster browsing to support across multiple devices, this slide show will cover how Edge is trying to fix the shortcomings of Internet Explorer while preserving the virtues that made it a top browsing tool for some many years.

  • At its new conference, Microsoft announces new solutions that enhance Office productivity, manage Windows 10 and help IT administrators conquer the cloud.

  • Soon, Windows 10 devices will be able to arrange for Uber rides using Cortana, the company's voice-enabled digital assistant.

  • Oracle’s co-CEO’s Mark Hurd and Safra Catz say the company's advantage in cloud computing platforms will enable it to overtake SAP as the sop seller of enterprise applications.

  • The companies are working together to boost Windows 10's 3D printing capabilities and extend AutoDesk 3D model viewing to HoloLens.

  • LAS VEGAS—For those looking to learn about a broad cross section of IT issues, ranging from networking to IT management, security and everything in between, the Interop 2015 conference was a good place to be. The show, held here from April 27 to May 1, included the co-located Cloud Connect and InformationWeek conferences. Luminaries taking the stage included Michael Gliedman, National Basketball Association CIO, who detailed how the NBA is using vast volumes of video and data to enhance the fan experience. In another session, Walmart CIO Karenann Terrell explained how her organization is in a state of constant IT modernization to help Walmart deliver low prices to consumers. Additionally, ConocoPhillips CIO Mike Pfister discussed how his organization is using big data analytics to find and refine oil and gas more efficiently. However, Interop at its core is still a show about networking, and IDC researchers provided some color in a session about the industry's current size and scope. In this slide show, eWEEK looks at some of the highlights and sights of Interop 2015.

  • Microsoft's designers act a little like city planners for a user interface revamp that the company hopes goes the distance.

  • The company sets an ambitious goal for Windows 10 and reveals Project Spartan's final name at the Build conference.

  • New search, filtering and analytics capabilities help organizations provide faster, more personalized customer care and support services.

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