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  • Built-in mobile device management capabilities enable users to manage access to Office 365 data across a range of phones and tablets.

  • There is nothing to substantiate that the White House influenced the FTC to let Google off the hook two years ago, the company says in scathing blog.

  • About half the senior execs participating in a recent survey expect automation to significantly improve their business processes within three to five years.

  • It's no secret that today, businesses are largely only as successful as the technology they rely on—and the IT departments that keep that technology running. In many ways, this means a business' success relies on the speed at which IT can adopt significant new technologies. So SolarWinds, a provider of IT performance management software, recently set out to discover the current state of new technology adoption, the barriers to adoption and the needs of IT pros tasked with delivering impactful business outcomes as a result of that adoption. SolarWinds' report, IT Trends Report 2015: Business at the Speed of IT, found that nearly all (93 percent) of IT pros who responded to the survey feel adopting significant new technologies—those that require more than 10 percent of the annual IT budget—is at least somewhat important to their organizations' long-term success. However, the report also identified several key barriers and challenges that stall technology adoption and consequently their impact on business. This slide show, developed from eWEEK reporting and SolarWinds' report, takes a look at the top five barriers to new technology adoption. There really aren't any grand surprises here, illustrating just how pervasive these barriers are and the need to solve these problems—which everyone is aware of—so IT can finally drive business success in the way it is meant to.

  • More than 120 popular open-source applications can now be deployed on Google Compute Engine with just a few clicks.

  • The company's outlier detection capability is powered by an algorithm that can analyze thousands of data streams with a single query.

  • Google's new Pony Express service, slated for a fourth-quarter debut, will let users receive and pay bills directly from inside their Gmail inboxes.

  • The company adds new features, including a new 'Pilot' mode, to the single sign-on tool that links Active Directory to Office 365 and third-party SaaS offerings.

  • Customers can now try out the new security-enhancing features that are coming to the Office 2013 Windows client software.

  • The companies agree to ship Microsoft's Office productivity apps with upcoming Android tablets from the Korean electronics giant.

  • The rapid-deployment Office 365 plan will soon gain controls that allow administrators to defer feature updates and a tool for limiting their impact on their networks.

  • Users of Salesforce Enterprise Edition (and up) can now access their CRM data in the desktop and browser-based versions of Outlook.

  • Microsoft has confirmed it will release Windows 10 this summer to PC users around the globe, ending months of speculation over exactly when the operating system would be ready for distribution. Microsoft has started to disclose enough details about the new operating system to whet the Windows lover's appetite. The ramp-up to Windows 10 is extremely important for Microsoft. Most PC users have passed up the most recent version of its operating system, Windows 8, and happily continued working with Windows 7 and buying new Windows 7 PCs. And some consumers have gone to Macs, Chromebooks and even iPads as an alternative to Windows devices. Although Microsoft is now emphasizing cloud services and applications more than ever, it still has a huge stake in a successful launch of Windows 10. This eWEEK slide show looks at some of the things we have learned so far about Windows 10 as its release date approaches. There are a number of factors that will make this operating system launch the most unusual in Microsoft's history.

  • When Microsoft launches Windows 10 this summer, even users of pirated copies of the operating system will be able to upgrade.

  • Multi-purpose platform as a service (PaaS) supports not only all major integration use cases, but also master data management and API management.

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