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  • NEWS ANALYSIS: Phone makers and the wireless service providers will support long-awaited antitheft software for smartphones as smartphone thefts reach record levels.

  • Dropbox recently announced a new chapter for the company that includes nurturing a family of apps. Loom and Hackpad are its newest members.

  • Sales of the company's newest Xbox outpace its successful predecessor, but the console still trails behind Sony's PlayStation 4.

  • BYOD, the familiar acronym for bring your own device, means that not only do your devices come with you to work, but your applications come along for the ride. Some people, including eWEEK itself, are now seeing this as BYOC (bring your own cloud), and it's a trend that makes enterprise security and IT managers awfully nervous. There's no question that use of consumer apps in the workplace is impacting live business data every day. On the other side, the full potential for collaboration and productivity has not yet been fully realized across the enterprise because most legacy apps still operate in IT or departmental silos. Progressive thinkers are working toward a time when all personal and business-driven tools will seamlessly integrate into everyone's daily communications workflow. We may not be as far away from that as some people think. The following eWEEK slide show makes use of industry best practices for integrating consumer apps into the workplace from David Berman, president of San Mateo, Calif.-based RingCentral, a cloud telephony platform for enterprises.

  • Eyeing the Internet of things, the software giant touts the high-performance innovations that the newest version of SQL Server has to offer enterprises.

  • A new Long Term Support release of Ubuntu Linux, code-named "Trusty Tahr," arrives just as Microsoft ends support on Windows XP. A Canonical vice president believes it's a great alternative to replace XP.

  • Glass is making it easier for emergency room doctors to focus directly on patients and improve their care.

  • The app enables Android device users to remotely access a home or work computer to access files when they were needed.

  • Apple has been using Google Search as a default on its devices, but Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer would love to get that business for her company.

  • The German-based company is having trouble selling conventional database-related software, and sales of cloud services are slow on the uptake.

  • Jim Whitehurst takes aim at Linux rivals and explains that growth is coming from new workloads, not migrations.

  • Bing provides a window into how Cortana, Microsoft's new search and digital assistant technology, gets to know users.

  • So-called citizen developers are making an impact on enterprise software development by building their own apps without the help of IT.

  • Ubuntu 14.04, code-named the "Trusty Tahr" and set for general availability on April 17, is a special Linux distribution because it is a long-term support (LTS) release. An LTS release offers the promise of five years of support, making it a suitable candidate for enterprise-grade deployments. New Ubuntu LTS releases debut every two years, with the last LTS being the Ubuntu 12.04 "Precise Pangolin" distribution in April 2012. Non-LTS releases receive only nine months of security updates and support. The last non-LTS release was the Ubuntu 13.10 "Saucy Salamander," which debuted in October 2013. Ubuntu 14.04 includes a number of updates for server and desktop users. The big highlight for server users is integration with the OpenStack Icehouse cloud platform that is also set to officially debut on April 17. On the desktop, Ubuntu developers have continued to improve the Unity Linux desktop interface. The ability to resize the Unity application launcher has been improved in Ubuntu 14.04, and users now have the option to leverage locally integrated menus for each application window. Unity is Ubuntu's default Linux desktop, though users can choose to install other desktops, such as KDE, GNOME or Xfce. In this slide show, eWEEK takes a look at some of the features in the Ubuntu 14.04 Linux distribution release.

  • Few organizations master sourcing, and most still use staff augmentation for application development and maintenance work inefficiently, Gartner said.

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