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  • An update will enable personalized dashboards and deliver insights from popular third-party SaaS applications.

  • The popular open-source CMS and blogging system gets a major milestone update that includes an enhanced distraction-free writing mode.

  • The days of the browser ballot being a bane of Microsoft's existence in Europe have officially come to an end. The browser ballot, implemented in the European Union as part of the settlement to an antitrust probe, caused quite a stir when it was announced in 2009. The ballot was designed to stop Microsoft's Internet Explorer from holding what the European Union believed was an unhealthy dominance over the browser market. But the ballot recently expired without a whimper, which is not surprising because competition in the Web browser space is simply not a hot button issue anymore. The world has moved on. The browser wars really ended years ago, and arguably were ending even as the browser ballot went into effect. The fact is people are caring less and less about browsers nowadays, as they have long since selected their favorite ones. Today, the world is obsessed with mobile devices, wearables or dozens of other things in the tech world. But in the end, the ballot helped radically alter the makeup of the browser market and even changed the way people across Europe viewed browsers.  This slide show looks back at the browser ballot and its legacy to show how the technology industry has changed dramatically since 2009.

  • In today's increasingly mobile and distributed business environment, employees have the power and technology to collaborate and share information instantly from one end of the globe to the other.  But the collaboration process is far from flawless. Ensuring effective employee collaboration across multiple work sites is a problem most companies deal with every day. The issues are compounded when working with multiple branches across the state, nation or globe, and when employees rely on multiple devices and networks in a single work day—which is a typical behavior, as more than 40 percent all employees use personally owned devices for work, according to a recent Gartner survey. When employees can't easily collaborate and share files, frustration sets in instantly. Yet the impact extends much further than that—poor collaboration cripples productivity, slows down network performance and, in many cases, puts sensitive information at risk. Businesses can make the process more efficient. Here's a look at the biggest points of failure when companies try to collaborate and suggestions on how to overcome them, as detailed to eWEEK by James Bindseil, CEO of managed file transfer company Globalscape.

  • Microsoft incorporates its latest Windows Server and SQL technology into Analytics Platform System (APS) Appliance with Update 3.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: The BlackBerry Classic will have the look and feel of the Bold, but will run BlackBerry OS 10 and can handle Android apps as the company moves back to its core business market.

  • Almost 90 percent of firms have suffered an attack against their domain-name system infrastructure, and nearly half have detected data leaving their network through DNS.

  • Overall cloud-related revenue was up 47 percent year over year, a metric that is very important to the long-term health of the company.

  • Yammer is finally available on all Office 365 business plans. Microsoft adds Yammer to Office 365 plans used by organizations with fleets of shared PCs.

  • Including HP and Salesforce, Verizon now connects to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google and Verizon Cloud.

  • Formerly part of an invite-only preview, the mobile-friendly presentation software is now available to everyone. iPhone app availability remains limited, however.

  • Data is a new form of capital. Ultimately, information about people, places and things will truly differentiate enterprises.

  • Concerns about online shoppers bypassing Google for Amazon drives interest, the Wall Street Journal says.

  • Say "Hola." Microsoft seeks to demolish language barriers with a preview of its near-real-time translator technology.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: Microsoft has gained many prominent allies in its court fight to block the federal government's demand that the company turn over emails stored on a server in Ireland.

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