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  • The cloud isn't the only piece of infrastructure that needs to work for modern applications and Websites to thrive.

  • Microsoft enlists the cloud for the latest launch of its enterprise resource planning software for small businesses.

  • The previews of Skype for Business services in Office 365 go globetrotting, gaining voicemail and improved IP phone support along the way.

  • Microsoft revamps the software's forecasting features, enabling users to fine-tune their business predictions.

  • With a focus on improved workplace collaboration and faster search, Microsoft releases the on-premises version of its latest email server.

  • Autonomy founder Mike Lynch files a counter-claim against HP for $150 million in damages over allegations of financial mismanagement.

  • Microsoft and Google have decided to stop a long and bitter patent battle, putting to end a saga that had lasted far longer than anyone might have expected. The two companies launched have nearly 20 lawsuits against each other over everything from smartphones to WiFi, and in the process, neither side has gained much. In fact, one might say that the many legal battles were all for naught. But that's just the tip of the iceberg of the war between Microsoft and Google. The two technology giants may have called a truce on one front, but there are innumerable other fronts in their ongoing war that the two will battle over for a very long time. Like it or not, Microsoft and Google are inexorably tied to each other—and they can't stand each other for it. So in the following slides, eWEEK will examine the war between Google and Microsoft and talk about the battles they're currently waging. From the cloud to mobile, there is clearly no love lost between the companies. Read on to find out more about their ongoing battles.

  • A new update for Microsoft's Delve Office search and discovery app for workplaces helps employees celebrate one another's work achievements.

  • Security-conscious organizations can now establish a direct connection to their Office 365 clouds.

  • Riverbed's SteelCentral AppInternals v10 brings continuous application monitoring to enterprises seeking to better understand app performance, use and connectivity. AppInternals v10 can function with most applications, runs either in the cloud or on-premises, and offers monitoring of applications throughout their life cycle. Riverbed simplified the provisioning process with multiple wizards that can seek out, identify and bring apps into the monitoring fold with ease. The product's primary purpose is to trace every transaction from the users to the applications' back-end and record and analyze performance. Administrators can use dashboards, reports and queries to delve deeper into app issues and identify potential problems. The product also shows its strength for troubleshooting active problems and narrowing down the root cause of the problem in minutes. AppInternals v10 combines the tools, detection capabilities and analysis into a unified platform that looks at past performance and actively monitors and reports on performance in real time, making it ideal for fixing app performance problems quickly.

  • REVIEW: Riverbed's SteelCentral AppInternals v10 is aimed squarely at enterprises seeking to monitor their applications and guarantee acceptable performance.

  • The software giant snaps up the maker of self-service portals to help extend Dynamics CRM to the Web.

  • The new capital will help Acquia scale its global operations, sales and marketing as well as the development of its solutions.

  • This is a payment system that doesn't care what type of slide-card point-of-service terminal a merchant has; it just works with them all.

  • Microsoft makes it easier to find usage data and statistics pertaining to its software, services and business dealings. Here are some highlights.

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