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  • Startup develops big data predictive solutions that simplify the process of building predictive models for data sets.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: The No. 1 user interface in five years will be the intelligent personal assistant. And Amazon is way ahead.

  • Microsoft wants to make drive-by downloads, and threats they pose to business users, a thing of the past for enterprise customers.

  • FEATURE:  Big data, analytics and the cloud converge to give rise to advanced solutions such as machine learning for new enterprise insights.

  • A recent Rackspace white paper highlights the core set of features and capabilities that you should expect from any business email provider, as many believe email is the single most important communications tool in the workplace today. According to a recent survey by Osterman Research, email accounts for 58 percent of business communications—more than telephone calls, instant messaging and social media combined. It's no surprise, then, that when an email system goes down, the costs quickly add up. According to one estimate, just an hour per month of unexpected downtime can cost a typical organization more than $482,380 a year. That doesn't account for the possibility of a company losing a major sale or suffering long-term damage to customer relationships. So, whether you are actively looking to switch email providers or just taking a second look at your current email provider, what should you look for in your provider? Here are 10 things to keep in mind when choosing an email provider.

  • After spending three years dealing with PC users' negative reaction to Windows 8, Microsoft is finally getting plenty of good news about the market reception to Windows 10. The operating system, which made its debut in July 2015, is winning strong support from both business and home computer users. It's gotten strong marks for its security features, stability, performance and its return to a user interface that is more familiar to millions of users around the world. A new Gartner study, however, suggests this is only the beginning. In fact, the research firm says that the enterprise has taken notice of Windows 10's value and is expected to expedite deployment of the operating system in the coming years. That could make Windows 10 the most popular edition of Windows that Microsoft has ever released sooner than expected. This slide show will dig a bit deeper into the Gartner study to discuss its key findings and what features are convincing enterprises that they can adopt Windows 10 as a reliable replacement for Windows 7, which has been widely deployed by business users.

  • The company's researchers are developing systems that process visual information like humans and can answer questions about a photo's content.

  • In the November update, an alternate Windows 10 installation method is pulled while some users complain about disappearing software.

  • With a new collection of tools and browser improvements, Microsoft is nudging businesses with legacy Web applications to its new Windows 10 OS.

  • HPE will work with Microsoft to bring Windows-powered solutions to businesses. The initiative encompasses consulting services for cloud, mobility and other apps.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: CA's software connects a lot of dots for consumer transactions that few people notice, but it's those apps that keep everything running.

  • Move over Windows 7. Microsoft's latest operating system is poised to set new enterprise migration records, according to Gartner.

  • Wondering how Hyper-V containers work in Microsoft's upcoming server software release? Intrepid administrators and developers can get an early look today.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: Yes, people have plenty to gripe about with Microsoft Windows, but it's easy to forget that without it, the world of computers today would be vastly smaller.

  • Forget version numbers and year-based editions. Microsoft will break from tradition with the release early next year of the next version of its ERP software.


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