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  • Journey Builder now gets improved customer personalization tools, easier customer activity mapping capabilities and new Journey Metrics data measurement tools.

  • The new edition adds enterprise-class deep packet inspection (DPI) and analysis technology to troubleshoot network performance on application latency.

  • The platform can help businesses free up IT resources by having the hosting provider manage all IT infrastructure up to the application layer.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: Too many people are confused about what social blogging is all about. Read on to learn how to do it right.

  • Vulnerability-hunter-for-hire service Bugcrowd teams with legal experts to create a standardized disclosure policy aimed at helping researchers and software developers work together.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: The U.S government is helping foot the bill for the Tor Project, even as new attacks against the anonymous network platform are disclosed.

  • Two new tools help users of Microsoft System Center, and other IT management tools keep an eye on their Office 365 environments.

  • A Venafi report claims that only 3 percent of big companies have fully patched for Heartbleed.

  • Just ahead of back-to-school season, Microsoft releases new classroom- and work-friendly features to the Mac and iOS versions of the note-taking software.

  • When IT employees need to increase their skills quickly, IT boot camps in a variety of subjects can offer educational resources for gaining new knowledge.

  • CA has come up with a new booklet to help enterprises looking to move into DevOps break out the myth from the reality. CA says DevOps is real and is delivering real benefits, but that doesn't stop people from having adverse ideas about it. In the booklet, titled Dysfunction Junction - A Pragmatic Guide to Getting Started with DevOps, CA looks at what it deems are the five biggest myths about DevOps. The move to DevOps has been prompted by demands for newer, better, faster applications. And nothing has impacted software development more than the advent of mobile, social, big data, the Internet of things and cloud environments, where rapid development of apps is a must and DevOps is king. With DevOps, developers and line-of-business operations are able to work together to develop faster than traditional methods of developing software by integrating all organizational systems, simplifying testing and quality assurance, and providing faster access to feedback. This allows the continuous delivery of apps through more intelligent use of app analytics, better management of projects, increased ability for market tests and a more rapid release schedule of new features. DevOps is catching on more than ever among more agile IT groups and now, based on survey data from CA, it is apparent that DevOps is indeed not only a way to produce better software faster, but also to drive revenue. This eWEEK slide show debunks DevOps myths.

  • During the war, the center in England was an invaluable resource for deciphering encoded enemy communications. Now, it's a museum that showcases that history.

  • The latest research on the PC market shows that things have gone slightly awry. While the market has started to stabilize from major losses in recent quarters, thanks to a sales resurgence in notebooks and Chromebooks, things just aren't the way they once were. PCs are no longer the dominant force in technology purchasing, and products like tablets and even smartphones have started to eat into lower-end notebook sales. However, notebooks still appear to be selling well, especially in online sales channels. Products such as the Acer C720 Chromebook and the Dell Inspiron line still prove popular among some consumers. Meanwhile, Apple's MacBook Pro line remains a strong seller. All of this comes down to one important question: When you are in the market for a new notebook, how do you find the model that is perfect for you? A couple of years ago, shopping for a new notebook was easier. Most models looked about the same and had basically the same features, and most of them were delivered with Microsoft Windows.  Today's notebook space is a lot more complex, with many choices and options. This eWEEK slide show provides a quick guide on what everyone should look for when buying a new notebook.

  • Samsung's devices and the iPhone remain the big players in the worldwide smartphone market, but there is intense competition in emerging territories.

  • Microsoft announced it has shipped the first version of Visual Studio Tools for Unity (VSTU) since acquiring Unity gaming platform maker SyntaxTree.

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