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  • NEWS ANALYSIS: Microsoft makes the technical preview of Windows 10 available to anyone who dares to use it. But to borrow a concept from the Mythbusters cable show, don't try this at home. This is for experts.

  • The top payout for finding a bug in Google's Chrome browser software now stands at $15,000.

  • Wither PowerPoint? Microsoft offers users yet another way to present and share interactive content with a new cloud-enabled app.

  • The new health and fitness capabilities will help bring the Pebble watch up to the demands of the smartwatch market.

  • The attorney general said that recent moves to encrypt smartphone data by Apple and Google aren't needed because law enforcement agencies can adequately protect personal privacy.

  • This is the industry's first scale-out parallel file system package with network-attached storage access and cloud tiering.

  • Open source is key to the development of the Internet of things (IoT). Therefore, the Eclipse Foundation is taking a hard look at IoT for Java developers. In fact, the Eclipse IoT community is making it easier for Java developers to connect and manage devices in an IoT solution by delivering at JavaOne 2014 an open IoT stack for Java developers. Based on open source and open standards, the Eclipse Open IoT Stack for Java simplifies IoT development by enabling Java developers to reuse a core set of frameworks and services in their IoT solutions. In addition to the core Open IoT Stack, a set of industrial frameworks are available to accelerate the process of creating home automation and SCADA factory automation solutions. "Our goal with this is to ensure that Java developers have a free and open-source platform for building IoT solutions," said Mike Milinkovich, executive director of Eclipse. "I definitely believe that the core infrastructure pieces of the Internet of things have to be based on open source." This eWEEK slide show looks at some of the core open-source software projects that focus on IoT.

  • AT&T customers can get an LG G Pad 7.0 LTE for 99 cents or a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 for $99.99 when purchasing qualifying smartphones.

  • The Hewlett-Packard Stream line of tablets and notebooks shows that the company is still willing to take chances and make major new investments in the mobile device and PC markets that haven't been very kind to the company in recent years. After all, HP has watched its efforts in the mobile space fail on a couple of occasions even as its place as the dominant force in the PC market slipped out of its hands, with Lenovo taking hold of that prize. Still, HP presses on in hope of changing its luck and increasing its standing in those markets. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the company's new line of Stream devices. While the focal point of the Stream lineup is its rash of notebooks, HP is also redoubling its efforts in the tablet business with slates that run Windows. This slide show looks at how HP is positioning the newly announced Stream models in an increasingly crowded market. While the Stream products are not necessarily the most powerful or groundbreaking, for anyone who's looking for new tablets or notebooks for personal or business purposes, they are worth checking out.

  • Attackers use the bug in Bash to scan for vulnerable servers, augment backdoor Trojans and create botnets, aiming to strike before the systems are patched.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: There's a pattern to how we feel about social networks. We seem to love the new ones and hate the old ones.

  • In a nod to the post-PC era, Microsoft's long-lived Web portal is now optimized for tablets and smartphones.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: All new-product announcements aren't necessarily news; companies are supposed to come out with new products.

  • BlackBerry's square-faced phone sold out within hours of its announcement.

  • The eBay-PayPal split comes 12 years after eBay bought PayPal for some $1.5 billion. The divide comes after activist stockholders called for major changes to grow stock value.

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