Cyber-Security Startups Score Big Rounds of Venture Funding in June

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Cyber-Security Startups Score Big Rounds of Venture Funding in June

June 2017 was a milestone month for cyber-security venture funding with multiple organizations raising $100 million or more in venture capital. Investors focused on areas of cyber-security that are growing the most, including the cloud, artificial intelligence, micro-segmentation, and managed services. Among the biggest funding rounds this month was scored by Illumio which raised $125 million to advance its adaptive segmentation security platform. Cloud security vendor Netskope raised $100 million as did security intelligence firm Cybereason. This slideshow covers 12 security vendors that raised money in June 2017.

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RiskRecon Secures $12M Series A Round

The month started off with RiskRecon announcing a $12 million Series A, which will be used to help advance the company's third-party risk management platform.

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Startup KryptCo Wins $1.2 Million in Seed Funding

On June 5, security startup KryptCo announced its' $1.2 million seed round of funding to help develop the company's Kryptonite encryption platform.

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Netskope Brings in $100 Million for Cloud Security

Security vendor Netskope announced a new $100 million round of funding on June 6 as the company aims to expand its technology platform and market presence. The Series E funding brings the total funding to date for Netskope up to $231.4 million. "Protecting and securing cloud services is the cornerstone of our platform," Sanjay Beri, founder and CEO, Netskope, told eWEEK.

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illumio Raises $125 Million for Adaptive Security

On June 7, Illumio announced a $125 million Series D round of funding bringing total funding to date to the company up to $267 million. "Illumio from day one has had the idea of building a software brain that is capable of understanding the environment, starting with the data center and eventually extending further out," Andrew Rubin, CEO and co-founder of Illumio, told eWEEK.

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Yubico Raises $30 Million for Two-Factor Authentication Technology

On June 7, Yubico announced that it had raised a new $30 million round of funding to help advance the company's two-factor authentication technologies.

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Minerva Raises $7.5 Million for Endpoint Security

Also on June 7, endpoint security vendor Minerva announced that it had raised $7.5 million to help the company further develop its security defense anti-evasion platform.

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Trusona Secures $10 Million for Authentication Technology

On June 13, secure identity authentication provider Trusona announced that it has raised $10 million in a Series B funding round.

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Whitesource Lands $10 Million for Compliance

Continuous open source software security and compliance management vendor Whitesource announced its $10 million Series B round on June 14. "Our vision from the outset was to help organizations safely, securely and continuously adopt, manage and deploy open source components," Rami Sass, Co-founder and CEO of WhiteSource, said in a statement.

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MKACyber Launches with $4.1 Million Series A Round

Managed Security Operations Services Provider (MSSP) MKACyber announced its $4.1 million Series A funding round on Jun 19. "MKACyber has worked tirelessly to develop a comprehensive and cost-effective approach to modernizing security operations centers," Mischel Kwon, CEO and Founder of MKACyber stated.

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GreatHorn Raises $6.3 Million for Cloud Communications Security

On June 21, GreatHorn announced that is has raised a $6.3 million Series A round to help advance its cyber-security platform efforts for cloud communications. "Communication security is where enterprises will define themselves," GreatHorn Co-Founder and CEO Kevin O’Brien, said in a statement."They will be known either for using cloud platforms to empower their employees to collaborate more safely and effectively than ever before, or they will be known for being breached, when attackers and criminals target those same employees and get past their legacy security tools."

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Cybereason Brings in $100 Million

Also on June 21, Cybereason announced a $100 million round of funding that will help the company to grow its endpoint protection platform. “Software is the most powerful force in today’s connected world. People can use its power for good or evil, and the mission of Cybereason is to stop the adversary from gaining an unfair advantage by giving our customers the upper hand,” Lior Div, co-founder and CEO of Cybereason stated.

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JASK Raises $12 Million for Security Artificial Intelligence

On June 28, security firm JASK emerged from stealth mode and announced that it has raised $12 million in a Series A round of funding. "JASK is dedicated to eliminating the inefficiencies within security operations by equipping security analysts with artificial intelligence," Greg Martin, co-founder and CEO of JASK, wrote in a statement.

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