IronPort Integrates DLP and Encryption for E-Mail

New built-in features are aimed at reducing the complexity and cost of securing e-mail communications.

IronPort Systems is offering data loss prevention and encryption capability for e-mail in the AsyncOS operating system powering its e-mail security appliances.

The introduction Sept. 11 of this DLP (data leak prevention) functionality into the IronPort appliances gives corporate IT teams a single, fully integrated solution that combines the traditional e-mail security functions of spam and virus filtering with work-flow based functions of policy creation, content scanning, and message encryption, quarantining and or archiving, IronPort officials said.

IronPort, based in San Bruno, Calif., is a business unit of Cisco Systems. IronPorts new capabilities enable its customers to utilize their existing anti-spam appliances to help combat the data loss problem.

"We play a key role for our customers as they look to stop spam and viruses from entering their network," Tom Gillis, SVP of Marketing at IronPort Systems, said in a statement. "They also look to us to help them address the emerging DLP requirements they are facing."


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The encryption capabilities are now directly integrated on the appliance, and incoming and outgoing mail can now be encrypted and decrypted with no additional hardware required to filter, route and deliver messages with security. Outbound messages can be detected and automatically encrypted on the appliance based on policies set by the user. In addition, recipients of secure messages do not need to install any proprietary software to decrypt and open the messages regardless of which mail client being used.

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