REVIEW: Netgear Brings Enterprise Security to the Branch Office - Page 2

Installation and Setup

The UTM 5 is a very simple device to set up-the unit features five Gigabit Ethernet ports, with one port labeled as WAN and the other ports dedicated to the LAN portion of the network. One of those ports can be configured to act as a DMZ port, allowing a server or other system to be exposed to the Web.

Installation starts by simply plugging in the appropriate cables and pointing a browser at After log-in, a management console screen comes up, which shows some basic information about the device-such as load, number of connections and so on. The management screen offers a pull-down menu interface, with one of the choices being "wizards." The UTM 5 offers three primary wizards: one for basic setup, another for IPSec VPN configuration and a third for SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) VPN.

The setup wizard does a decent job of stepping an administrator through the basic setup. However, the DHCP portion of the setup wizard could be a little more intuitive. For example, the Primary and Secondary DNS server fields are not auto-populated during setup.

A better process for setup would be to handle the WAN connectivity portion of device setup before anything else, instead of forcing administrators to look that information up or wonder how to handle DNS server address changes on nonstatic broadband WAN connections. The setup wizard also defines the default policies and filters to be activated.

Once the basic setup is accomplished, the license key must be entered, which activates the various services integrated into the device, such as Web protection, e-mail protection, and support and maintenance. If a key is not available, an administrator can choose to register the unit for a 30-day trial period.

Management and additional setup of the device is straightforward, thanks to the browser-based management console. The console provides easy access to the myriad functions of the UTM 5 and offers a very informative dashboard, as well as summary and statistics screens. The dashboard is updated in real time and shows exactly what is going on in the network.

The ProSecure UTM5 is available now through value-added resellers for an estimated street price of $275. Those looking to add Web security, e-mail security, support and maintenance will pay a little more for a one-year subscription to those services, bringing the total price to $399. The subscriptions can also be broken down by individual service (antivirus, e-mail protection and support) in one- and three-year increments for businesses that would rather pick and choose their coverage.