RSA Conference 2017: From Cryptography to Mysteries of the Universe

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RSA Conference 2017: From Cryptography to Mysteries of the Universe

This year's RSA Conference, held Feb. 13-17 in San Francisco, saw more than 43,000 attendees show up to learn about the latest security trends, products and services. Among the annual traditions at the RSA Conference is the Cryptographers Panel, which includes Ron Rivest (the "R" in RSA) and Adi Shamir (the "S" in RSA). The cryptographers are not particularly enthusiastic about the modern state of security, with Shamir claiming that the internet as we know it is broken. Also at the conference, former U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) chief Gen. Keith Alexander talked about how the cloud can help enable a common defense for organizations of all sizes. Meanwhile at a VIP event at the RSA Conference, Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Technologies, spoke about new innovations from RSA as well as his company's broader approach to securing IT assets and information.

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Cryptographers Lament Internet Security

Those on the annual Cryptographers Panel weren't overly enthusiastic about the current state of internet security. In particular, Whitfield "Whit" Diffie was even less optimistic than his peers about the modern state of security. "I think we're doing everything wrong," Diffie said. "If the resources spent on virus screening were spent on improving the logical functioning of devices, which is about improving programming, we'd get much better results."

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Former NSA Chief Optimistic About Cloud Security

While nation-states are actively using cyber weapons, former NSA chief Gen. Keith Alexander sees the cloud as being a real benefit. "For small and midsized companies, moving to the cloud makes the greatest sense in the world," Alexander said.

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Microsoft Advocates for a Digital Geneva Convention

Brad Smith, president and chief legal officer of Microsoft, used his time on the 2017 RSA Conference keynote stage to propose a "Digital Geneva Convention" to protect individuals and businesses from nation-state cyber-attacks.

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Dell Technologies Doubles Down on Security

At a VIP event during the RSA Conference, Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Technologies, detailed his company's overall security strategy. "We have a broad set of capabilities from the data center to the client to security services and products that allows customers of all sizes to make sure their most valuable data is protected," Dell said.

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Google Details Gmail Security Efforts

Elie Bursztein, anti-fraud and abuse research team lead at Google, detailed the many technologies and processes that Google uses to protect Gmail users and the service itself from exploitation. At this point in 2017, he said that 80 percent of inbound email to Gmail inboxes is encrypted, while 87 percent of outbound email is encrypted.

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0Don't Be Afraid of Stagefright

While the Stagefright vulnerability in Google's Android mobile operating system made headlines in 2015, Adrian Ludwig, director of Android security at Google, said that no actual users were ever confirmed to be exploited.

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NSA Shows Off Open-Source Security Technology

On the RSA Conference exhibitor floor, the NSA showcased a number of its efforts, including the open-source unfetter project that aims to help security professionals identify and analyze defensive gaps.

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Dedrone Demonstrates Anti-Drone Solution

Among the unusual security technology vendors on the RSA Conference exhibitor floor was Dedrone. Dedrone provides an aerial intrusion prevention system to help protect organizations against unauthorized drone flights.

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RSA Conference Wireless Not Secure

As has been the case in recent years, the 2017 RSA Conference once again did not provide attendees with a secured WiFi network. Rather, the network was open, without any encryption, leaving the onus of security on users.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson Talks Time and Space

Celebrity astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson entertained and educated RSA Conference attendees in a keynote where he detailed the latest news from the world of astronomy.

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RSA 2018 Set for April

The 2017 RSA Conference was somewhat earlier in the year than past RSA Conferences. For 2018, the conference will run later, from April 16 to 20.

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Large DDoS Attacks on the Rise, Akamai Report Finds

As internet speeds around the world continue to get faster and an increasing number of devices are being connected, there is also an increasing volume of high-bandwidth attacks. That's one of the top-level findings in Akamai's fourth-quarter 2016 State of the Internet Security Report, which was released on Feb. 14. According to Akamai, there was a 140 percent year-over-year increase in distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks with attack bandwidth greater than 100G bps. Of the 12 largest attacks in the fourth quarter, Akamai attributed seven of them to the Mirai botnet, which is made up of compromised internet of things (IoT) devices. That said, the single largest attack observed by Akamai in the fourth quarter was not Mirai-based. The largest DDoS attack in the quarter, with a peak attack bandwidth of 517G bps, was generated from the Spike botnet, which does not comprise IoT devices,...
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