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Handing It Over

In an effort to boost partners' profits and customer retention, Novell is outsourcing its Volume Licensing Agreement (VLA) renewals and upgrade protection to Rainmaker Systems.

Theres No Place Like Home Security

In the coming years, security breaches won't occur nearly as often inside networks as at users' homes.

On Trust and Open Source

When we speak of the open-source culture/movement/business (or threat, if you are Microsoft), many of us may not be aware of its roots.

IE 6.0 Beta Takes Small Steps

Web site privacy rating capability, cookie management features need work

Biometrics Is Closing in on the Enterprise

Biometric security vendors, which for years have been trying to make the leap from science fiction to the enterprise

Corporate Privacy: Disunited Front

Even as corporate foes of federal privacy regulation champion the release of new data detailing the lofty cost of such rules to businesses and consumers, behind the scenes the industry remains as fractured as ever on the issue.

Surviving in an Insecure E-World

The vulnerabilities recently found in the widely used Berkeley Internet Name Domain server should serve as a fresh reminder that it's an insecure e-world out there

A Privacy Assessment Tool Offers One Answer

The online-privacy game has many rules, but few ways to keep score.

Products Block Hacker Attacks When ISPs Use Them

Denial-of-service attacks, typically launched by malicious hackers from commandeered servers, can be stopped with security products that can detect and block outgoing attacks, security experts said.

Custom-Fit Security Apps

Managed security goes proactive
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