Code 42 Software Introduces CrashPlan Pro for SMBs

With CrashPlan Pro, all data is protected with 448-bit encryption before it ever leaves the computer.

Data protection and backup software developer Code 42 Software creators of CrashPlan and CrashPlan ProE, backup software for home and enterprise, announces the availability of CrashPlan Pro, a cloud backup service for the small and midsize business market. Designed specifically for the backup needs of SMBs, CrashPlan Pro is engineered to work unobtrusively, delivering automatic continuous backup, both online and to attached drives. CrashPlan Pro's simplified, Web-based management dashboard enables managers to monitor all user backups, conduct real-time management, and control company-wide backup settings.

With CrashPlan Pro, all data is protected with 448-bit encryption before it ever leaves the computer, meaning sensitive business data is secured in the cloud. CrashPlan Pro also features cross-platform support for Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris (both client and server), multiple destination support, support for laptop backup, de-duplication and comprehensive reporting. CrashPlan Pro is available currently to customers in the United States and Canada, with worldwide availability is expected in Q4, 2011.

There are two pricing plans available - unlimited storage per computer, or an unlimited number of computers for a chosen amount of storage. Unlimited storage is available for $7.49 per month to back up a single computer with unlimited storage, and unlimited computer plans range from 50GB to 4TB averaging less than $5/computer/month. The average cost was based on average of approximately 20GB of data per computer, according to a company release.

CrashPlan Pro regularly monitors and verifies backup archive health, so when a problem that prevents backups is detected, CrashPlan Pro lets users know about it immediately. Businesses also receive backup status reports and notifications about backup health, storage and user backup activity. For as long as a business has a CrashPlan Pro subscription, the software, as well as CrashPlan Pro Online will automatically update whenever there is a new release. CrashPlan Pro also automatically updates all the users in the company.

"We didn't want to simply rebrand our consumer product and call it -business,' nor did we strip down our enterprise product and rename it. Instead, we started with a blank slate and asked, -What do businesses really need?'" said Matthew Dornquast, founder and CEO of Code 42 Software. "What every business needs is the security and reliability of an enterprise product combined with the ease of use of a consumer product. And of course they'd like to have support from people who really know backup, available via phone, email and live chat. That's exactly what we're delivering today."