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eWEEK informs and educates IT professionals interested in how to continually improve their enterprise computer systems. Not only do we provide solid information and real-life use cases about companies and their products in the current markets, we also take you behind the scenes to learn what new tech will be coming into the markets in the future, so that savvy buying decisions can be made sooner—and make IT decision-makers heroes as a result.

eWeek is the IT professional's top choice for news and analysis, technical tutorials, product reviews, and buying guides. We provide in-depth technical and business insights by focusing exclusively on the information needs of IT professionals. Led by a seasoned editorial team, eWeek allows readers to tap into an unmatched level of strategic and practical expertise to secure IT networks and data.
We provide comprehensive product research aimed at IT decision makers
We source valuable research gathered from industry thought leaders and experts
Expert IT writers provide highly technical guidance in all aspects of technology

eWEEK is constantly doing its homework to identify the top IT hardware, software and services providers now available for enterprises large and small. We have years of experience in our staff members and have put together an advisory board of sector expert analysts whom we call upon regularly for guidance in making these top company decisions for publication. We review our top company pages regularly and are always on the lookout for new companies coming into the various IT markets.

Chris J. Preimesberger
Award-winning journalist Chris Preimesberger has distinguished himself in reporting and analysis of IT since 1995. In 2017 and 2018, Chris was named among the 250 most influential business journalists in the world by Richtopia, a research firm that uses analytics to compile the ranking.
Sean Michael Kerner
Senior Editor
Sean Michael Kerner is a widely respected security and open source-software journalist. He also is an Internet consultant, strategist and contributor to several leading IT business web sites. His specialties include content development and Linux/Open Source.
Wayne Rash
Contributing Editor
Wayne Rash has a 35-year history covering technology. He's a frequent speaker on business, technology issues and enterprise computing and covers Washington for eWEEK. He is the author of five books.
Jeffrey Burt
Contributing Editor
Jeffrey Burt is considered one of the best in the business at covering and explaining technology in the processor, server and networking sectors. Other specialties include management, project development and Web 2.0/social media.
Our content strategy maps across the entire customer journey and combines with 1st party, install, and IT spend data, along with segmentation and ABM services, to find prospects in market for your solutions. Our propriety tools and platforms develop and scale a results-focused approach to target marketing tactics that include leads, display ads, and more.
We survey our readership of IT storage pros and buyers to give you inside knowledge of critical IT storage trends, like our recent survey of enterprise storage trends.

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