A Linux Geek Embraces Mac OS X

Extreme Tech's Jim Lynch finally takes the plunge into a strange yet cool parallel OS dimension. Join him in his journey through the Mac OS X looking glass.

Ive always wanted a Mac. There, I said it. Im out of my Mac closet. Ive secretly longed for one but could never really justify buying one. OS 9 and its predecessors held no real interest for me. But when OS X—really a version of Unix under the hood—came out, suddenly the idea of buying a Mac became all the more tempting.

During an ExtremeTech meeting a couple of weeks ago, we were talking about doing more operating system coverage. That was when I finally decided then to take the plunge and buy a Mac. This was before the Mac mini was announced, so that didnt figure into my decision on which one to buy (more on that later).

Bear in mind that Ive never really used a Mac. Oh Ive played with one for a few minutes at an Apple store but thats about it. Other than that, Im pretty much a blank slate as far as Macs go. So what you will read in this column are the impressions of a guy very much used to Linux and Windows.

Some of my thoughts will no doubt strike veteran Mac users as silly, stupid, or downright heretical! For that all I can say is: Hey, Im a newbie...what do you expect? Continued...