An HP iPod and More

PC Magazine Editor-in-Chief Michael J. Miller attended HP's recent consumer product announcements in Miami, and details the new HP-Apple iPod-including a slideshow.

MIAMI— Today, Hewlett-Packard announced a variety of new products, including printers, cameras, TVs, and its version of the iPod.

At a Miami event, timed to coincide with the MTV Video Music awards (which HP is sponsoring), HP CEO Carly Fiorina discussed how the announcements support her CES description of a world that is increasingly "digital, mobile, virtual, and personal."

HPs version of the iPod, which will start shipping next month, looks just like Apples, except for the HP logo located underneath the Apple logo on the back of the device. The biggest difference is probably HPs ability to add "tattoos", or removable skins that wrap around the iPod.

HP will offer the printable tattoos as a package with special printing media for all iPods, beginning Sept 15. Youll be able to download specially designed pictures of particular artists, or print your own pictures to personalize the device even more.

Since you can store pictures in an iPod, Apple now makes it possible to print directly from the device to its new HP 375 photo printer. Using iTunes 4.6, which will come with all new HP consumer PCs, you can now convert unprotected WMA files so they play on the device. HP also includes a new setup poster, one year warranty (compared to 90 days for Apples iPod) and tech support.


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