Apple Announces iPhone 4, Releases Developer iOS 4

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Apple Announces iPhone 4, Releases Developer iOS 4

by Cameron Sturdevant

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U.S. Mobile Browser Market

Apple with Safari is at 58.2 percent. What Jobs didn't talk about was the trends behind these numbers.

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iPhone 4

Jobs announced the iPhone 4 with the typical "falling from the ceiling" graphic much beloved by Apple marketing.

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The steel band around the edge of the iPhone 4 is used to provide structural integrity while each of the three sections is also an antenna.

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Improved Design

When released, Jobs claimed that the iPhone 4 will be the thinnest smartphone available. Also improved in this version of Apple's iPhone are the stainless steel wrap-around edge that also serves as the device's antennas, glass on the front and back, a larger battery, a smaller but more powerful processor, and a higher resolution display.

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Jobs Explains Retina

Jobs extolled the virtues of the high-resolution iPhone 4 display.

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Whats Where

Here you see the internal map of Apple's iPhone.

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Steve really doesn't like it when demos don't work. Fortunately, he was able to impose a wireless back-off on the faithful in the audience. Now if he would just do something like that for AT&T's 3G service in San Francisco.

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Jobs demonstrates how the new gyroscopic-like sensors can rotate an image as he turned on stage while holding an iPhone 4.

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More Photons

Jobs detailed the workings of the 5-megapixel camera that now includes an LED flash on the back. The iPhone 4 adds a camera to the front of the device too. The iPhone 4 also has HD video recording capability.

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iOS 4

The upcoming iPhone 4 operating system gets renamed because it runs on many Apple products, including the iPhone.

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So Many Features ...

A quick look at the features in iOS 4.

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iPhone in the Enterprise

Jobs prepares the next iPhone to do double duty as a consumer and business device.

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The Enemy of My Enemy

It was hard to keep up with the darts Jobs aimed at Google, but here's an example of the changes coming in iOS 4 welcoming Google rival Microsoft onto the iPhone platform.

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Apple is adding another monetary stream to apps by enabling the insertion of advertisements.