Apple Beams in Video iPod

The hardware maker debuts its latest iPod media player, featuring video capabilities and a wider display. Despite the video additions, CEO Steve Jobs maintains that the iPod is still a music device above all else. (

Apple Computer Inc. introduced its much awaited iPod handheld device with video capabilities on Wednesday, ending months of speculation that the company was readying such a device.

At an invite-only event held at the California Theater in San Jose, Calif., Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs showed off the new iPod, which will be offered as a 30GB model for $299 and a 60GB version for $399.

The 30GB device will also be 30 percent thinner than Apples current iPod models, while the 60GB version will be 12 percent thinner. Both models feature a 2.5-inch 320x240 pixel display.

Apple said the 60GB iPod can hold up to 15,000 songs, full-color album art and up to 25,000 photos and that the new devices also boast up to 20 hours of battery life, 5 hours more than earlier versions.

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The new iPods, which will ship next week, will be available in both black and white exterior finishes.

"The white iPod has been a success, so of course its time to replace it," Jobs said. "Yes, it does video."

Perhaps trying to throw the industry off of Apples trail, Jobs had previously denied that the company would introduce a video-capable iPod, questioning demand for such a device.

The company also introduced new, flatter versions of its iMac desktop with a built-in iSight camera.

Apple also introduced iTunes 6, the latest version of its digital media download service, adding the ability to download over 2,000 music videos, and 6 short movies made by Pixar Animation Studios, for $1.99 apiece.

Other new features of iTunes include the capabilites to give downloads to other users as gifts and to view and author reviews of various downloads, and a beta version of "Just For You" a service designed to suggest songs or videos based on a persons previous buying habits.

Interestingly, Apple launched its fifth version of iTunes only five weeks prior to launching iTunes 6.

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