Apple Demands French Web Site Remove OS X on Intel Videos

The Mac maker takes issue with videos that show a version of Mac OS X for Intel running on generic PCs, not Intel-based developer kits.

In its latest move to stem the flow of information about its future product plans, Apple Computer Inc. has put legal pressure on a French Mac site to remove videos that show a version of Mac OS X running on generic Intel-based PCs.

The Mac enthusiast site MacBidouille confirmed to Ziff Davis Internet that Apple sent it a letter asking it to remove the videos.

According to MacBidouille, the videos showed a version of Mac OS X for Intel running on generic PCs, rather than on the Intel-based developer kits Apple made available to developers for a fee.

"I can confirm officially that weve received a cease-and-desist letter from Apples lawyers" at the firm OMelveny and Myers LLP, wrote François Rejeté, one of MacBidouilles co-founders.

"All I can say is that they threatened to take actions to shut down the site if we did not comply," Rejeté added.

According to an English translation of MacBidouilles account of the encounter with Apple, the Mac maker sent "an amazingly aggressive e-mail asking for the immediate removal of all links to the videos showing OSX x86 booting from non-Apple certified SDK PC."

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There is no mention of the letter requesting removal of any other content, such as articles describing the process of getting OS X for Intel working on a generic PC.

In fact, some other sites that present detailed information, even how-to guides, on modifying OS X to run on commodity hardware, have not seemed to garner Apples attention.

The OSx86 Project, a wiki-based Web site devoted to sharing information on running OS X on various x86-based computers, has not received any contact from Apple or its legal department.

"Our site has yet to be contacted by Apple, although we would gladly entertain any concerns they might have," said a representative of the site who goes by the handle "Mashugly" and is identified on the site as part of the administration and design of the site.

"Our site has tried hard to toe the legal line, and we will continue to do so," he added.

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