Apple iWork 09 Looks Slick, Adds Useful Features

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Apple iWork 09 Looks Slick, Adds Useful Features

by Cameron Sturdevant

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Keynote Magic Move

Here, you see a demonstration of the Magic Move transition effect, going from one slide to the next by sliding a graphic element between the two slides.

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Keynote Text Transition

Here, I've used the Anagram transition to go from one thought to the next using two slides.

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Keynote Graphic Transition

This graphic transition is eye candy, but it's cool eye candy.

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Numbers 09 Data with Chart

A dummy eWEEK expense form is used to create a chart that shows expenses over time.

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Numbers 09 File Ready to Mail

In the upper center screen, note that I am now able to e-mail this Numbers file.

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New Numbers Templates

For businesses, only five templates are included with the product. There are several templates for personal finance and educational purposes.

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Chart Linked to Keynote

Here, the expense report chart is now linked to a slide in Keynote.

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Chart Linked to Keynote Matching Style

The same expense report chart now linked to a slide in Keynote matches the style template of the Keynote presentation. Some of the data is truncated. I probably could have fixed this, but it's how it came across by default.

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Pages Full Screen

Here, you see all distractions and clutter removed from the desktop so that the Pages document is placed at the center of attention. This is a nice way to really focus on a project.

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Pages in Outline Mode

Here is the same Pages document in outline mode. Although a more complex outline might have been more impressive, this simple example actually illustrates the outline function and worked well for me on this particular story about Cisco.