Apple Primes 10.3.2 Panther Update

Just a week after rolling out its first Mac OS X 10.3 service release, Apple is prepping the next update.

Apple Computer Inc. is priming the next update to Mac OS X 10.3, sources said, only a week after rolling out the first service release to the "Panther" OS.

On Monday, the company provided developers with an advance seed of Version 10.3.2, marked build 7D12.

Version 10.3.2 will include updates to networking, graphics drivers, and USB, sources said. The update will also improve WebDAV, international text, and AFP Server, Apple reportedly told testers in a brief release note.

On November 10, Apple released the 10.3.1 update, which included changes to WebDAV, FileVault, and FireWire 800 drive usage, as well as tweaks to disk image mounting, printing, and iDisk access.

Cupertino, Calif.-based Apple was not immediately available for comment.


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